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 Hachou Hachou no Mi

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PostSubject: Hachou Hachou no Mi   Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:19 pm

Name of Devil Fruit:Hachou Hachou no Mi
Is the Devil Fruit Adopted?no
If Adopted, who last owned the fruit?
If Adopted, when was the last activity of the previous owner?
Type of Devil Fruit:Paramecia
Devil Fruit Appearance:The Hachou Hachou no Mi takes on the appearance of a vibrantly purple eggplant. Lik all devil fruits it has swirls, but it is off color from normal eggplant in that it it is a very bright and flamboyant shade of purple that almost seems to shine as if it weree releasing energy in the form of light.

What character is this fruit for?Ron Galaga
Has your character already been created and accepted?yes
How your character came to possess the fruit:He ate it on an island
Ability Description:This fruit allows the uesr to generate and manipulate an erratic wavelength of electro-static energy. This electricity is purple whereas most is white or yellow or blue. The host has a habit of naming the attacks "Coil".

Abilities given by the fruit:
Cluster Bolt: A powerful basic attack. This attack is usually unintentionally unleashed during the hosts first use of their powers. It can be quite devastating. It focuses much electricity in the palm before firing several bolts of energy simultaneously.

Giant Cluster Bolt: A modified cluster bolt where the multiple blasts of energy merge making a large arrow shaped ray of electro-static energy. Ca induce a horribly painful electrical shock.

Boomix Cannon: Charges amounts of electricity into a ball before firing it as a powerful beam on energy.

Ion Coil*: Fires a small burst of electro-static energy which traces an erratic pattern in the air. It can temporarily stun the target with electricity.

Spark Coil*: A reinforced Ion Coil that ricochettes of targets to strike the foe. Hard to predict it's course.

Wave Coil*: This Fruits most practicle attack. Triples the effectiveness of the Plasma Coil. It fires three small bursts of energy that repel and attract each other forming a triangular erratic vibratory wave that can severly stun enemies.

Helix Coil*: Halves the Strength and Speed of the Wave Coil but allows the user to track moving enemies by their Bio-electric fields allowing this attack to trace and follow it's target, may also induce a paralyzing shock.

Static Coil*: An attack that fires a bolt of electro-static energy at the foe. It flies straight but is harder to control.

Wave Canon*: Condenses the energy into a powerful orb which can be fired at a relatively high speed. It can change direction mid flight by being attracted to the targets Bio-electric field. It induces a severe electric shock.

Spiral Coil*: When not released, a Wave Cannon attack can be shoved into an opponent. The spinning electricicty in whch case has nowhere to go and blows the enemy back in a violent spiraling motion.

EMP Coil*: An attack that condenses electricity into a flashing object thrown at the foe. It releases a pulse of electrostatic energy. Mainly used as a deterent as the wave can temporarily stun weaker targets.

Gust Coil: A weak attack used as an interruption. It looses a small blast of charged air that spirals at the foe driving two apart and temporarily stopping an offense.

Flash Coil*: Shorts electricity in the users palms creating flashes of light and sound. Used as a distraction.

Fisti-Coil*: Draws electricity to the users fist do increase the damage of a melee punch. May also induce a paralyzing shock.

Charge Coil*: Released bolts of energy fron the users body in all directions. This is best used against multiple foes as a defensive ability. Can severerly electrocute targets but can tire the user depending on the duration of time it is used.

Circus Coil*: Slams the users hands together to release a shower of Ion Coils in all directions.

Thread/Whip Coil*: Releases a long thin thread of energy from the users fingertips, it acts like a whip in battle, but can also bind opponents delivering a painful electric shock.

Serpent Coil*: Combines attributes from several attacks forming a reinforced spiraling erratic electro-staic energy beam. The beam flies at the foe tracing a random path, making it very hard to dodge. Can induce a heavy electric shock.

Shock Coil*: Generates huge amounts of electro-static energy then fires it it a huge coiling wave that connects to the foes Bio-electric field inducing a heavy overload of electical energy. It is one of this fruits most powerful attacks.

X Coil:Engulf the host in electro-static energy turning their eyes green and their hair to stand up increase their power,speed and endurance by sixteen.

X Cluster:The host fires thousand of huge blasts of electricity that move amazingly faster than the first

X Cannon:The host focus electricity into a big so big that it engulf his hand the he shots
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PostSubject: Re: Hachou Hachou no Mi   Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:27 pm

Approved and well done

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Hachou Hachou no Mi
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