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 Ishi Ishi no Mi/ Stone Stone Fruit

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Stone Head


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PostSubject: Ishi Ishi no Mi/ Stone Stone Fruit   Sun Nov 18, 2012 2:16 pm

Name of Devil Fruit:Ishi Ishi no Mi
Is the Devil Fruit Adopted?no
If Adopted, who last owned the fruit?no
If Adopted, when was the last activity of the previous owner?no
Type of Devil Fruit:Logia
Devil Fruit Appearance:The Ishi Ishi no Mi (Stone Stone fruit) is a Logia type of Devil Fruit that allows the user complete mastery over the element of Stone. Like all other Logia fruit, the user is able to become, produce and manipulate a specific element, in this case Stone. It resembles a bunch of grey grapes with swirls on them.

What character is this fruit for?Alec Elwes
Has your character already been created and accepted?yes
How your character came to possess the fruit:He came across it while sailing with the marines and thought he should eat it to become strong
Ability Description:The main strength of this Devil Fruit is that it allows the user to manipulate, produce and become stone. This grants the usual Logia power of being immune to physical attacks. The user can be cut by users of Santoryuu or Iaido, as they can cut through anything up to the strength of steel. It also suffers from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.

Abilities given by the fruit:

Stone Armor: Alec covers himself in stone, making him nearly invincible. This can be countered by practicioners of Santoryuu, as they can cut anything softer than steel

Stone Brawlers: Alec plunges his hands into the ground and forms the surrounding stone into overlong, oversized fist-and-gauntlets. He then uses these to pummel his opponents.

Stalagmite Wave: Alec conjures up a wave of giant, stone spikes that roll along the ground, badly cutting anyone in their path.

Stone-Stone Fortess: Alec creates a large, hemispherical wall of stone that fuses with any surrounding earth or rock.

Stone River Submerge: Alec can melt into stone and travel trough it as a fish would through water. This is generally used for infiltration or surprise attacks.

Stone Sense: Alec attunes himself to surrounding stone and rock in order to feel vibrations on it within a 50-foot radius. This is especially useful for fighting enemies that he cannot see or hear, as this ability can tell him exactly where the vibrations are coming from.

Quake Ripper: By using Stone Sense to find stress points on a stone surface, Alec can stimulate these points, causing a highly-localized earthquake to rip a hole in the ground. Can be used for escape, provided that the stone doesn't go farther down than 200 feet.

Stone Launcher: Alec summons a large, flat-topped stalagmite out of the ground under an opponent. If the stalagmite comes up quickly enough, the enemy can be sent flying.

Stone Pestle: In a room with a stone ceiling,Alec can cause a stalactite to fall on an opponent, crushing them.

Reckoning of Doom: Alec causes a gigantic boulder to grow out of the ground and roll at the target.

Stone Sepulchre: Alec encloses an opponent in a coffin-like cocoon of stone.

Hand of Gaia: A large stone hand grows out of the ground and crushes any opponent.

Eye of Geb: An eye-shaped hole opens under an opponent. after they fall in, the hole closes, crushing them.

Hunger of Ereshkigal: Alec uses Stone River Submerge, then drags an opponent under the ground.

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Storm King


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PostSubject: Re: Ishi Ishi no Mi/ Stone Stone Fruit   Sun Nov 18, 2012 2:33 pm

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Ishi Ishi no Mi/ Stone Stone Fruit
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