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 Midnight aka Macbeth

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PostSubject: Midnight aka Macbeth   Sun Jan 20, 2013 7:03 am

Name: Macbeth

Alias: Brain II,Midnight

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown


Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Sexuality: Bi

Personality:Macbeth is a very relaxed individual, evidenced by his incessant sleeping, most often done on a flying carpet. He seems to believe that his power is absolute, or, at least, greater than anyone else's: in battle, he often expresses boredom with his opponent's lack of strength, leading Macbeth to exude an air of superiority and arrogance. However, Macbeth does speak amiably to others, as seen when he addresses his guild members though he does not necessarily extend the same courtesy to non-guild members.
He seems to be sadistic; when he finds a strong opponent, he will make them suffer. He is also afraid of his foster father Brain, as when he was defeated, Macbeth expressed his fear at the thought of Brain abandoning him. In spite of his seeming reverence of Brain, Macbeth is eventually disillusioned by Brain's manipulation, coming to realize that Brain only viewed him and his guild members to be pawns to seal Zero. Consequently, Macbeth gives Erik the permission to kill Brain, smiling as the man he formerly viewed as a foster father died, displaying a ruthless part to his personality.

Like the rest of the guild, Macbeth values his freedom very much and is willing to go to great lengths for it.[11] From Macbeth's words to Jellal, it can be gleaned that he somewhat appreciates his guild members and has a resilient bond with them all, aside from Brain. Macbeth trusts Erik explicitly, remarking that if what Erik has heard is true, then there is no reason to doubt him.

Macbeth shows an understanding and respective side to the members of his guild, as seen when Richard decides to follow Jellal, he simply states that everyone has the freedom to choose what they want.

Macbeth joins Jellal to obtain true "freedom" and to defeat Zeref. It is unknown if he is truly dedicated to Jellal's goal or not.

Strength: Enhanced Reflexes: While prone to negate any attack directed towards him through the use of his Reflector Magic,Midnight possesses sharp reflexes, high enough for him to dodge a sword which Erza Scarlet threw at him with a calm, slight movement of his head, as well as to emerge with minimal injuries from a downward barrage of blades, dodging most of them.

Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: Midnight appears to have practiced unarmed combat during the seven years which followed the temporary disappearance of Tenrou Island. As the leader of Reborn Oración Seis, he has achieved enough prowess to fight toe-to-toe with a melee specialist the likes of Natsu Dragneel for a certain amount of time. He was shown employing his Darkness Magic to boost the power of punches and kicks in a way reminiscent of how Natsu himself uses his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, and even managed to perform a takedown on his opponent.

Weaknesses: What weakens your character? yea answer it

Extra information:He is a member of the Fumetsu.

It reveals that Midnight is the strongest of the Oración Seis, and his full power only activates when all the other members are defeated (when their prayers are not fulfilled). Although this is quite debatable now with his father's split personality (Zero) whose immense powers are

beyond frightening, and is far more cruel and ruthless.
Many people were confused by Midnight's gender because of his clothes, hair, and feminine body shape. However, he was later revealed to be a male after "he" and "his" was used in the anime and manga to make it more definite.


Guild: Crime Sorcière

Guild Tattoo: Right Shoulder

Rank: S


Name Magic: Reflector. Darkness Magic,Personification Magic

Reflector : idnight's exclusive Magic, which has the ability to reflect, distort and twist all matter of objects, save for living things like humans.Reflector is an extremely powerful Magic which has received praise from the former member of the Ten Wizard Saints, Jellal Fernandes, who, while he was in a weakened state, fell to it, and Midnight's use of it made him the strongest member of Oración Seis, even surpassing his father Brain,and second only to Brain's alternate personality, Zero.

Attacks for Reflector
Distort Blade: By twisting the air, Midnight is capable of generating ethereal slashes which he can send flying at his opponents. Both their size and the numbers of generated blades can be greatly varied, ranging from barrages of small attacks[ to single, devastating cutting moves which he generates by waving his hands, and which are strong enough to effortlessly slice through solid stone buildings, cleanly bifurcating them.

Distort Shield: Midnight's ability to twist everything makes him very hard to hit, as he can freely distort any incoming attack to negate their effects, even turning them against the very same opponents who employed them in the first place.He is capable of reflexively activating this defensive power of him even while asleep, as seen during the first battle between Oración Seis and Light Team, when the burst of flames Natsu Dragneel attacked him with in order to wake him up was directed elsewhere before it could land.

Spiral Pain: A powerful spell which Midnight initiates by swiping one of his arms before himself, the index finger stretched, and the others bent, as if he was pointing to something. This prompts the intended target, located some meters away from Midnight himself, to be caught within a vortex of distorted air, which inflicts heavy damage upon them, seemingly striking them with incredible brute force, covering them in bruises and shattering armors as resistant as Erza Scarlet's Heaven's Wheel Armor, who was left in a near-death state after suffering Spiral Pain.

Illusions: By refracting light, Midnight is capable of generating visual illusions. This peculiar use of his Reflector Magic is the source behind Midnight's codename: during his battle with Erza Scarlet, he used an illusion to make it look like he turned into a massive, powerful monster, who proceeded to brutalize both Erza and the nearby Jellal Fernandes; he resorted to employ such means just as a clock struck midnight, claiming that in such an hour "his refraction gets to its peak". However, being a visual illusion, this spell was ineffective against Erza's artificial eye.

Invisibility: Midnight refracts the light around him, becoming invisible and at the same time being shown capable of levitating in midair, appearing and disappearing as though as he was teleporting.

Darkness Magic:A type of Magic that Midnight has learned after seven years after the disbandment of the Oración Seis. According to himself, he sacrificed the future in which he would be reunited with his "father" in order to attain this power. Midnight uses this Magic the same way that Brain did, allowing him to cast dark Magical energy in different forms to attack his targets. Trying to became like his "father" Midnight also learned to use Zero's most powerful darkness spell, Genesis Zero.

Attacks:Dark Rondo (常闇回旋曲, ダークロンド, Dāku Rondo): Midnight gathers dark magic and then fires it at an opponent. Midnight's unique strategy with this technique is to employ Reflector to reflect the attack itself, preventing it from being evaded to deflected.

Dark Capriccio (常闇奇想曲, ダーク・カプリチオ, Dāku Kapurichio): Midnight fires drilling beams of darkness that can pierce through defenses from every direction.

Genesis Zero (ジェネシス・ゼロ Jeneshisu Zero): Midnight first charges green darkness energy on his hands and summons thousands of black phantoms to strike at his foes to the point of them being engulfed completely by their sheer numbers alone, trapping the foes in the nothingness.

Personification Magic:Macbeth utilized this Magic to transform Lucy Heartfilia's doll into Imitatia, giving her both a life, and a purpose.


History:Not much is known about Midnight's past, except that he was once a slave child working on the Tower of Heaven like the other Oración Seis members, he couldn't sleep because of his terror, as a young boy under Jellal's reign until Brain came and selected him to become apart of his guild with Jellal's permission

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PostSubject: Re: Midnight aka Macbeth   Mon Jan 28, 2013 6:53 am

i would happily like to be Midnight
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PostSubject: Re: Midnight aka Macbeth   Mon Jan 28, 2013 6:54 am

hes all urs
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PostSubject: Re: Midnight aka Macbeth   Mon Oct 24, 2016 5:38 pm

up for sell
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PostSubject: Re: Midnight aka Macbeth   

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Midnight aka Macbeth
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