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 Kenji Kishimoto resevered

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PostSubject: Kenji Kishimoto resevered    Fri Feb 15, 2013 8:13 am

Name : Kenji Kishimoto
Nickname:Dragon of the blade,Invincible Swordsman,Silent Sword Kenji
Gender : Male
Age :25 (154 of age)
Appearance :

Personality :Kenji had always been one of the more quiet children he almost never spoke he was very calm and very cold to most many of the family and his girlfriends thought Kenji could be more open but he wasn't a man who kept to himself Kenji was always a genius even at a young he was smart beyond his years many said it was just because of how many siblings he had. Kenji was always the reasonable male he thought about things and try to settle them sometime without using his sword he had a good head on his shoulder.
History :Kenji one of the younger Kishimoto of the first generation had always been kinda of the child who grew up to fast. Kenji wanted to show his father that he could be a great help to him and because of that he more then once push himself to become a better person. Kenji would stay in his room for hours studying or in the training ground training so much that his family always knew to find him but it paid off. During his time when he was fifteen Kenji battle his other Kishimoto brothers like Dohko and Hondo he beat them with his brain and his swordsman skill being the first to even win against both of them at the same time. Time pass and Kenji went into battle he would often kill hundreds and hundreds of enemies with a simple skill and brain power this earn Kenji many nicknames over his years as a Kishimoto. Sometime in his life Kenji was going to be married to a Hyuga woman who was carrying his child one morning as they were getting up Kenji and his wife with their child were killed in their own home. The attack never made any sense but when Gunha summoned and took control over Kenji he learn that Goro had killed them.
Ninja Village: Yukigakure
Number of mission taken:The records show Kenji took more mission then anyone else so it has to be somewhere in the ten thousands
Number of mission finished:Unknown

S rank missions:(if you taken any put the number)
A rank missions:(if you taken any put the number)
B rank missions:(if you taken any put the number)
C rank missions:(if you taken any put the number)
D rank missions:(if you taken any put the number)

Weapon Name:The Crown
Weapon Looks:The sword he is carrying in his picture
Weapon Command :none
Weapon Abilities:

Strenghts:Kenji was one of the best swordsman in the Kishimoto so skill Kenji had become able to draw his blade and strike down hundreds of enemies without moving he could match both his brothers Dohko and Hondo in swordsmanship skills no he was better than them as he could knock the blade out of their hands without harming them at all and could kill a person with the back of his sword the dull side with a simple swing easily having skills nobody ever thought of, Kenji has mastery over speed the reason he earn his nickname Silent Sword Kenji was because it would move so fast that wind would not move,the ground would not leave a mark there would be no trace of his speed at all and you wouldn't know Kenji was there till he stuck you with his blade. Kenji brain is what earn him everything without a doubt no Kishimoto has ever had a brain like Kenji he was smart beyond his years Kenji had form sword techniques for the Kishimoto's that were so advance many of them to this day still do not know how to use them or he made jutsu that were so advance they have not yet been use by anyone he was also kill enough with his smarts to just look at a person and tell their strength if they were a match for him with his eyes or without his eyes.
weakness:Suiton being water was his only element weakness he was never really skilled in the fire element so it was easy to put out his flames with water and he use fire much more than he use wind. Taijutsu was probably where he lacked while he wasn't bad it he wasn't the best out of the Kishimoto like all he could put up a strong fight and could do high amounts of damage but he was never as skilled as Dohko,Hanzo or Ai when it came to Taijutsu

Fighting stlye:Majin Sword style,Kishimoto one handed sword style,Kishimoto Rising Dragon Style,Dragon Art Sword style,Taijtsu
Other Things:Kenji is probably the one who hates being used by Gunha the most out of all of the Kishimoto's
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PostSubject: Re: Kenji Kishimoto resevered    Sun Feb 17, 2013 5:26 am

I'll happily take this
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Kenji Kishimoto resevered
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