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Name: Jellal Fernandes

Alias: Siegrain

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Birthday: Year X765

Appearance:Jellal Fernandes Jellal_fernandes__new_style_by_cruzerblade-d4j4i7u

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: When he was young, Jellal was a very kind boy, deeply caring for his friends. He was always cheerful and optimistic, even in his times of slavery. He most likely lost his parents just like his fellow slaves. After a failed attempt to escape, he readily accepted punishment so that Erza wouldn't have to, and he never lost his faith in freedom.
Later, as he was manipulated by what he thought to be Zeref, he drastically changed.  He became insane with the idea of building a new R-System and treated the slaves much better - to the extent that they didn't even think they were still slaves. But through this method of treatment, they did more work, which was Jellal's ultimate reason for treating them as such in the first place. He sees his actions as a game even if this will cost lives, including his own.

After he was revived by Wendy Marvell, he suffered from amnesia and he seemed to be somewhat scared of the world. Though not remembering his own identity, he remembered the names of Erza and Natsu As he learned of his sins, he wished to die as penance, but a scolding from Erza convinced him to instead live in order to atone for his actions.To the moment of his arrest after the defeat of the Oración Seis, he had returned to his original kind personality.Mavis Vermilion even commented that Jellal isn't evil and even has the same "heart" as everyone else in the Fairy Tail guild despite him not being a member.

Seven years later, after regaining his memories and having returned to his original personality, Jellal is now a calm, mature, and intelligent individual and has proven his kind personality is still there. He's shown a cheerful side, as he often smiles when pleased or happy when his friends are happy. While as "Mystogan", he makes sure he keeps a quite and distant nature around others to not blow his cover nor risk Fairy Tail being exposed for having an escaped convict participating on their behalf. However, his past deeds has caused Jellal to feel a strong sense of atonement, as he created Crime Sorcière as a way to atone by destroying Dark Guilds. Despite this, he still feels he deserves punishment, as he told Ultear and Meredy that "punishment" is the theme of their guild. It is this guilt that keeps Jellal from responding to Erza's feelings, which are mutual on his part, as he believes he doesn't deserve her.

Despite his rather serious nature, Jellal does have a comedic side, such as in his fight with Jura he gave comedic looks as Ultear and Meredy tickled him to lose while he laughed uncontrollably and later when he walked back to his team in shame and comedicly admitted his shame and how he couldn't even respond to them of his embarrassment.[


Keen Intellect: Jellal is a smart, cunning and resourceful individual who displayed particular skill in deception, having been capable of fooling both Erza Scarlet and the entirety of the Magic Council, even managing to become a member himself. He has shown himself capable of creating clever schemes and planning ahead, being the schemer of the plan to revive Zeref, whom he believed dead, and tricking the Council himself into unintentionally working for him. Jellal's natural cleverness comes with a vast knowledge and deep understanding of the Magic world, with him being aware of powerful spells such as Unison Raid, and, thanks to his time in the Council, possessing thorough information about the ancient Magic Nirvana, even knowing where it was hidden and how to unseal it.

Enhanced Speed: Aside from his Magic capabilities, Jellal is fast, agile, and has quick reflexes, being shown avoiding and redirecting the slashes from Erza's large bladed weapons in melee with ease, reacting to them with his own Magic. He was also shown evading the assaults from Jura Neekis' stone pillars through several remarkable acrobatic leaps.

Enhanced Endurance: Jellal's vast array of spells comes with the stamina to employ them in subsequent reprises, with him being resilient enough to use Flame of Rebuke, a spell powerful enough to allow Natsu Dragneel to enter his Dragon Force mode, replicating the effects of Etherion, the ultimate weapon of the Magic Council, after attempting to cast a Self-Destruction Spell on both Nirvana and himself, something which greatly weakened him.

Immense Durability: Jellal is an highly resilient opponent, who has proven himself capable of undergoing large amounts of damage without collapsing: during the events of the Tower of Heaven, he could continue fighting after being slashed in the belly by Erza Scarlet (despite such action having later stopped him from casting the Abyss Break spell) and receiving a barrage of Fire Dragon Slayer Magic spells from Natsu Dragneel, emerging unscathed from them; later on, most importantly, he was able to survive Natsu's attacks while the latter was in Dragon Force mode, even after being sent crashing down through his own Tower of Heaven.He was also able to fuse his body with the Etherion and attain control of it, something which should have resulted in his certain death. He, however, yet again survived, entering a comatose state, from which he was woken by Wendy Marvell's Sky Dragon Slayer Magic.

Immense Magic Power: Jellal has shown to possess a vast amount of Magic Power, enough for him to be made a member of the Ten Wizard Saints, a group containing some of the strongest Mages in Earth Land, as well as a member of the Magic Council, the ruling body of the Magic world; the latter in spite of both his young age and his overbearingness towards older, fellow councilors. Such feats were made more notable by the fact that the one receiving such titles wasn't actually him, but rather the persona he had created with his Thought Projection, Siegrain, which required a considerable amount of Jellal's own Magic Power to be kept active.

Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: Jellal, despite favoring the use of his ranged Magic, has shown to be a capable unarmed combatant: while his speed was enhanced by his Meteor spell, Jellal went on to attack and brutally injure Natsu Dragneel several times with strong melee blows, such as punches and kicks.

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: Despite having scarcely been shown employing one, Jellal -much like his childhood friend Erza Scarlet- has proven himself able to wield a sword with impressive proficiency since his younger years: during his time as a slave in the Tower of Heaven, he was shown to be capable of reaching the cell Erza was being kept prisoner in by himself, having dispatched all of the guards there with a massive sword he had taken from one of them.

Extra information: Jellal -as Siegrain- was on Lucy's "Perfect Boyfriend" list, right on top of Loke.

Jellal was the one who gave Erza her last name: Scarlet.


Guild:Independent Mage

Guild Tattoo: His clothes

Rank: Guild Master


Name Magic: Heavenly Body Magic, Thought Projection, Darkness Magic,Fire Magic,Abyss Break.Telekinesis,Telepathy

Magic: Heavenly Body Magic (天体魔法 Tentai Mahō): It is a powerful Magic based around astronomical objects, such as meteors, stars and black holes. The user generates and manipulates the energy of stars from his body and uses it against their enemy. Jellal has shown tremendous mastery over this form of Magic.

Meteor (流星 Ryūsei): Jellal's body is surrounded by Magic, allowing him to move through the air at incredible speeds. Even if someone could detect his trajectory, it is nearly impossible to catch him. With his speed, Jellal assaults his opponents with quick but powerful melee attacks. Jellal wears a special suit under his robes to better utilize this type of Magic.
During Jellal's battle with Jura Neekis, the speed granted him by Meteor was shown to be particularly amazing by even Jet, a Mage specializing in speed-enhancing Magic.

Grand Chariot (七星剣 Shichiseiken): While in the air, Jellal places both arms on top of each other with the top hand having only the index and middle fingers spread out. Seven magic seals are then summoned in front of him and connect together to make what looks like a constellation. Each magic seal then releases a powerful light blast down on the opponent, forming the same pattern on the ground before exploding. According to Jellal, this spell's destruction capability rivals a meteor.

Altairis (暗黒の楽園 Ankoku no Rakuen): Jellal crosses his arms above his head to begin casting the spell. As he prepares to fire the spell, all nearby shadows are drawn towards him, forming a small black orb which rapidly grows in size and also gains small white lights inside it, similar to the night sky. He then unleashes the orb at the target. The orb appears to be incredibly dense, and may hold a tremendous amount of gravity to crush its opponents. Its power is said to be comparable to the power of an actual meteor. This spell was used when Simon saved Erza.

True Heavenly Body Magic: Sema (真・天体魔法 星崩し Shin Tentai Mahō Sēma): An attack in which the user bows down and points his hands downwards, with all the fingers closed except the index and middle fingers. The user then begins to slowly move his right hand until it points upwards. The clouds above the user begin circling around forming a cyclone. The full effects of this spell is unknown.

Heavenly Beams: This is an unnamed spell in which Jellal releases several powerful beams from his hands towards his opponent, causing great damage.

Heavenly Blast: An unnamed spell in which Jellal closes his fist, except for two fingers and swipes them backwards. A big sphere of Heavenly Magic appears and rushes towards the target.

Heaven Palm: An unnamed spell in which Jellal grabs his arm with his other hand, and straightens his palm. A ball of Heavenly Magic appears in his palm, which then is shot at the target to push it as an invisible wall.

Heaven Breakdown: An unnamed spell in which Jellal swipes his hand and the ground in front of him breaks, making everything on top of it fall.

Heavenly Arrows: An unnamed spell in which Jellal swiping his hands releases several arrows of light towards his target.

Thought Projection (思念体 Shinentai): Jellal is capable of creating a Thought Projection of himself, and is very skilled with it, having been able to fool the Magic Council into believing that his projection was actually a separate being from him, and managing to grant it membership of both the Council and the Ten Wizard Saints. His projection is also able to don an attire different from his owner’s.

Darkness Magic (闇の魔法 Yami no Mahō): Jellal, due to his seeming "possession" at Zeref's hands, is an expert in the use of Darkness Magic. He was shown using almost exclusively this form of Magic for all of his fight with Erza, in which he proved himself capable of creating the ghostly entities characteristic of this form of Magic, using them to both hit and immobilize the woman with great skill. In addition, as a child, he could employ Darkness Magic in other, more unusual ways.

Dark Force: During Jellal's first use of Magic as a child, he has proven himself capable of moving a target around in any desired manner. By moving his hand in the direction he wants it to move, he blows the target away as if he were giving them a smack from a short distance. This will seemingly produce an invisible, powerful blunt attack to strike the target; an attack which, in the manga, is strong enough to kill opponents, with their blood spilling out.

Dark Grab: Jellal moves his hands towards the opponent, far away from him. This will prompt a pair of strong, dark-colored arms to appear from a nearby surface and grab the opponent, immobilizing or choking them according to the movements performed by Jellal himself, who, after grabbing the target, is seemingly capable of controlling the spell with a single hand. In the anime, the spell instead takes the form of a large amount of red glyphs, which surround the opponent, swirling around them and then grabbing them. Such glyphs can also be used to lift the target in the air and bring them to Jellal.

Darkness Cage: Jellal creates a sphere of Darkness Magic in his hand in the form of ghosts that revolve around the center. He then shoots it at the target, releasing several ghosts that wrap around the target, restraining its movement. In the anime, Jellal instead crushes a different-looking sphere in his hand, summoning several small masses of Darkness Magic which then grow and come together to create a sphere around the target, restraining its movement and dealing pain.

Dark Vanish: A spell in which the target, instead of being struck from the outside like with

Dark Force, seemingly implodes from the inside, or is in any case vanished through unknown means, leaving only the clothes behind.

Dark Ray: Jellal shoots a powerful ray of darkness from his hand towards the enemy. This spell was strong enough to nearly throw Erza down from the Tower of Heaven.

Dark Mass: Jellal creates a dark sphere that expands until it transitions into multiple tentacle-like entities that are rushed towards the opponent, and upon contact, spontaneously erupts. The dark sphere appears to feature the face of Ksitigarbha within it.
Ghost Fireworks: Jellal extends his arm and releases a flurry of ghosts towards his opponents. They seem to be alive as when Erza Scarlet cut them, they spilled blood out.

Fire Magic (火の魔法 Hi no Mahō): Despite having been shown employing it only once, Jellal has proven himself masterful in the use of fire-based spells.

Flame of Rebuke (咎の炎 Toga no Honō): This spell, when released, creates golden flames in Jellal's palm, which he gave to Natsu to consume in order to defeat Zero. By eating them, Natsu's Dragon Force was activated, and Natsu described the feeling of consuming the flames like "eating Etherion", implying the spell to be incredibly powerful.
According to Jellal, creating these flames uses up virtually all of his Magic.

Abyss Break (煉獄砕破 アビスブレイク Abisu Bureiku): An extremely powerful spell which employs the four main elements to attack the opponent.

Bind Snake (拘束の蛇 Kōsoku no Hebi): This spell appears in the form of a snake tattoo. The snake winds its way around the target's body, tightening and restricting movement. Jellal used this on Erza to immobilize her for the sacrifice ceremony to revive Zeref.

Self-Destruction Spell (自律崩壊魔法陣 Jiritsu Hōkai Mahōjin): An extremely complex spell which Jellal used in an attempt to destroy Nirvana and commit suicide. Without knowledge of its cancellation code, it cannot be dispelled. However, the spell's creator and the one who taught it to Jellal, Brain, was able to dispel this Magic without any code.
Telekinesis: Jellal has shown the ability to move objects around in the air without touching them, being capable of doing so even through his Thought Projection Siegrain, making a book he was reading float back to its place in bookcase.

Telepathy (念話 Terepashī): Jellal has shown to be able to communicate telepathically with others secretly without anyone else able to hear the conversation except him and the person he's talking to.

Magic Staves: While disguised as Mystogan, Jellal is shown to use the same Magic as his Edolas counterpart.

Five Layered Magic Circle: Sacred Song (五重魔法陣 御神楽, Gojūmahōjin: Mikagura): Jellal creates several Magic circles covered in runes above his opponent, which release a concentrated beam of Magical energy that damages the enemy.

Three Layered Magic Circle: Mirror Water (三重魔法陣 鏡水, Sanjūmahōjin: Kyōsui): Jellal uses several Magic staves to cast a Magic circle that can reflect spells back at the caster.

Magic Seal:

Strength: What powers up your magic?

Weaknesses: What weakens your magic?


History: As a child, Jellal was forced to help build the Tower of Heaven together with other slaves such as Erza, Shô, Simon, Wally and Millianna, acting as the leading figure of their group.

Jellal being possessed by "Zeref".
There, after a failed escape attempt and the reclusion that followed it, he was possessed by what he believed was the legendary Dark Mage Zeref, supplanting his former kind personality with a more violent one, which made him almost completely insane.
He exiled Erza from the island and took control of the construction of the Tower of Heaven in order to resurrect Zeref and thus create a world of "true freedom". He bombed the ship that was supposed to take the slaves off the island and told them it was Erza who had done it after going mad with her newly-acquired Magical powers. Believing that she had truly escaped on her own and thus betrayed them, the slaves helped him build the tower for the next eight years as a way of showing their gratitude for saving them from certain death.

Meanwhile, Jellal had worked his way into the Magic Council using a Thought Projection of himself named "Siegrain". Apparently, Siegrain ran into Erza, who thought it was Jellal, but managed to prevent her from attacking him by telling her he was Jellal's twin brother.
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How lucky am I all I need to do is just take this right?
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for sell
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