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PostSubject: Goro Kishimoto   Goro Kishimoto Icon_minitimeSat Apr 06, 2013 12:24 pm

Name :Goro Kishimoto
Nickname:Eternal Dragon,Goro of the black eyes,Devil Goro,Dragon of death
Gender :Male
Age :Over 270 to 300 years old
Appearance :Goro first ever body

Goro current body.
Personality :As a child Goro was sweet and innocent like any Kishimoto child who grew up in a loving family he help out his mother,train with his brothers,help train with his younger siblings and love being with his family truly if anything Goro when he was a child had the most innocent personality out of all the Kishimoto of the first generation.

Teenager Goro was much different during his teenage years Goro display fits of rage and fits of jealously for his other siblings and their abilities, he also display feelings anger towards everyone in his village along with his family. Goro teenage years he was very angry with everyone and almost thing this anger kept him distance from the rest of his family and kept him close off from most people. Even as a teenager he was smart and very sly because he was a ninja this all came to him by nature and this was all he knew. Goro had grown so cold that he help kill many of siblings as the events of his life had change him.

Goro now has mature he is much more calm and think before he acts as to where he would just charge in and just fight on his emotions alone, his calmness is also a sign of his coldness that Goro has develop over the years of him being alive and him being able to see human actions. Goro will kill anyone as his emotions do not get in the way of anything this being said is true as Goro has killed his children many times over the last few century's and his emotions do not stop him from doing things that normal people wouldn't do such as raping his children, forcing them to mate with each other and performing experiments on others. He also thinks highly of himself believing that no one can beat him and no one is worth his time which is probably true every time Goro steps onto the battlefield there is nothing but death.

History :Goro is the fourth child in the Kishimoto of the first generation to be born and as the fourth Goro was always the sweetest,most caring,most innocent,loving of all the first generation Kishimoto. Both his father and mother love him because of how kind his heart was but even so Goro was the only one in his family who did not have the power of his other siblings. Goro was always out shine by the rest of his family for their own unique talents and their own powerful dragons, Goro was a child who couldn't use his eyes and seem to have no skill for anything while he was smart and good at basic things nothing good to make him a Kishimoto. Trying to become better Goro became a ninja and train hard to improve himself he show result that made his parents smile but every time he did something great his siblings did something better. Dohko would conquer a land,Hanzo would learn a technique Ai would do things with water no one could, Kenji would have slay a dragon and Hondo would do things with his eyes none of them. Now a teenager this rage was getting to Goro this was anger that he couldn't control and he lash out at his family from time and time again but this got him in fights with Hondo and Eiji making him look even worse but it came to end after his battle with Takumi who left Goro with a wound on his body that didn't heal. His emotions got to him and with his emotions he curse his life,his pain,his weak body from there. Goro leader awoke his dragon and plotted with Dohko and Ren to kill their family while they kill Kenji and Hanzo it was Goro who made the plan to kill their father,Hondo,Ai and send the rest of their family to hell by different means but Takumi who battle Goro outside of Yuki. Their battle lasted for eight hours before Goro killed his younger brother and ate his body to increase his own strength, after killing Takumi Goro went to a village far in the west. During his stay in this village he fathered five children by a woman and watch his children grow into fine people but not all was happy in this life. Goro was growing old and he was watching his children have kids to which he saw his clan growing even more unpure and that angered him. Taking actions into his own hands Goro soul,mind and dragon went into one of his grandchildren taking over them, with this body Goro dragon also became stronger as they grew up Goro kidnap four of his grandchildren three girls and one male, he also took one of his daughters and one of his sons he force all of them into incest. The females gave birth to kids in total five and Goro in this new body at the age of fifteen killed everyone there but the babies he took them and ran. This was the start of him experimenting on Kishimotos to see how to make their powers stronger,see the true genes of his clan and how pure they can be. Almost two century's later Goro has once again taken over the body of a Kishimoto but this time a pure one and with his pure body he now has eight pure Kishimoto children as his followers who he raised. Goro join Demon Scar after Ren asked him to and he is also the one who help Gunha learn the magic that brings back the dead.


Weapon Name: Rebirth , Dabilahro
Weapon Looks:
Goro Kishimoto Dabilahro_Lv3
Weapon Command :None
Weapon Abilities:Rebirth is the number one dark sword in the world and Goro holds this sword. Rebirth has the ability with one swing to freeze life in darkness covering a whole land in it and that darkness will slowly eat away at a person life till they are dead, if use right the sword with a touch can bring back the dead, if use the other way every hit will cause death.

Dabilahro the sword of massive destruction and that just what it does a simple swing of the sword destroys everything close by or even far if the user wishes it too.

Strengths:Goro has many strengths which are listed

Marital Arts: Goro is a master of various forms of marital arts in which he takes pride in. Goro has master Taijutsu and Karate mixing the two styles to create a powerful defense where Karate keeps his feet place on the ground and keeps him balance but being able to move at high speed using Taijutsu to finish his opponents off with heavy attacks, like many masters he has some form of Ancient Marital Arts and his ancient style is made off dragon moves that have been form and master over his century's that he has been alive.

Jutsu/Element:Goro is holder seven different elements and he has master all of them as a former ninja Goro has one of the fastest jutsu movements even faster then Itachi and Sasuke themselves, he cast just as many jutsu as he can make them at fast speed endless. Goro elemental power was always strong as a child even if nobody knew it over the years well century's his element power has gotta better being able to blow a massive wave of normal fire then infusing it with the black flames of Enton to increase its strength and deadly power.

Weapon Master:Goro only carries around two weapons but those two are not his only weapons. Crave into his arms are seals that hold a thousand weapons one in each arm. He holds weapons from various katana,kunai,shuriken,kama,chains and rods in his battle against his enemies. Having been alive for so long adds to his power as Goro is able to send his element through his weapons and his life energy as well.

Kenjutsu:Goro was always into swords and has always train in Kenjutsu while he hasn't shown it in years Goro is an excellent swordsman one of the highest praise the reason why is because of the speed,the handling of his sword, following all of the small details and etc. Overall his swordsmanship styles have always been high skill and Goro has master the use of two of the strongest swords in the world proving his skills even more.

Element:Katon,Enton,Bakuton,Shakunetsu,Yin and Yang.
Fighting style:Karate, Ancient Martial Arts,Taijutsu,Ninjutsu,
Other Things: Goro has created the Eight Generation while the world is still on the 4th,Goro Mashima rival is also a part of Demon Scar
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