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 Garuda Aiacos

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PostSubject: Garuda Aiacos   Tue Jul 09, 2013 10:18 pm

Saint Name:Garuda Aiacos
Rank:3 judges of hell

Personalty:He is portrayed as quite heartless, similarly to Griffon Minos, but has an even "darker" vision of the world, as he treats his subordinates as slaves both living and dead with great disdain, serving him only by the fear of his power. This vision was questioned by Sagittarius Sisyphos when the two flying boats encountered each other. The Specter Violate harbored deep loyalty towards him.


Saint History:Along with Gryphon Minos, Garuda Aiacos appeared on the scene during the fight between Wyvern Rhadamanthys and Gemini Kanon. It seems Rhadamanthys was having difficulty dealing with the Gemini Gold Saint, and would've tasted defeat had the two Judges not intervene. Garuda immediately took an interest in the battle and hit Kanon with the Galactic Illusion. Kanon survived, but soon fell victim to Gryphon Minos' Cosmic Marionettion technique.
Bronze Saint Phoenix Ikki soon arrived to save Kanon from Minos. Aiacos, still itching for a good fight, challenged the Phoenix Saint to a match-up. Aiacos demonstrated his superior speed and agility over the saint, and caused sufficient damage with the Garuda Flap. Ikki was hurled into the air before brutally crashing into the ground. However, the Phoenix was still intact. Amused, Aiacos gave the Phoenix a second taste of the technique. This time, Ikki did not land as expected—instead, the bronze saint countered the move and swiftly smashed Aiacos' back as he recovered. Standing triumphantly over his opponent, Ikki stated that the same technique cannot be successfully used against a saint twice. The essence of this rule is because of Athena's Saints have high adaptability.

Garuda Flap (ガルーダフラップ, Garūda Furappu): A two part attack. Aiacos first expels a gust of wind through his arms, sending the opponent soaring miles into the air at top speed. The spectre then crosses an "X" on the ground with his feet and begins a 3 second countdown. At the end of it, the opponent is knocked back down to the ground, usually crashing onto the "X" as marked.

Galactica Illusion: Aiacos' stronger technique. At its most basic, it is a more powerful version of "Garuda Flap", minus the countdown. Grand illusions of demonic eyes are seen flashing in the background as Aiacos unleashes a high speed air current at his opponent through crossed arms. The technique summons a dark force similar to: Cacodemon and Pain Elemental (Doom), Beholder (Dungeons & Dragons), spell card Dark Sanctuary (Yugioh), fire bird's tail (myths), ant citizens from Zeus (Greek myth), spots of Panther (nickname of Lin Chong from Water Margin).

Galactica Death Bring (ギャラクティカデスブリング, Gyarakutika Desu Buringu): A technique that relies on immobilizing and burning the opponent's central nervous system from the inside out by channeling Aiacos' Cosmo intensely through the eyes of the mask headpiece of the Garuda Surplice.

Surendrajit (スレーンドラジト Surēndorajito, literally means Champion of Indra): Aiacos burns one of his loyal Skeletons to death, enabling him to transform their souls into a rain of flaming feathers.

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Garuda Aiacos
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