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Anime being use now Naruto,Seven Deadly Sins,My Hero Academia and One Piece. The color will be change soon I'll have someone do it. Check the news off updates.
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PostSubject: Gigo Vega    Gigo Vega  Icon_minitimeThu Aug 15, 2013 7:38 pm

Name :Ggio Vega
Gender :Male

Appearance :Gigo Vega  Tumblr_m4hdxrvopL1rpme0i

Personality:Ggio shares a similar attitude to Captain Suì-Fēng, his opponent during the battle over the fake Karakura Town; both are calm, loyal, firm, and antagonistic toward their subordinates, however, Ggio is cocky, sarcastic and somewhat boastful. Like his fellow Fracción, he holds his master in high regard, and refers to him as "his majesty". However, he has little care for any of the other Fracción on his side, matching the relationship of Suì-Fēng to her lieutenant Marechiyo Ōmaeda. During battle, he tends to taunt his opponents by telling them what they should have done, then attacking them viciously. He does not like to be underestimated, and becomes greatly annoyed once he is.

History :Ggio first appears along with Baraggan and the rest of his Fracción in the fake Karakura town to do battle with the Gotei 13. However, once Aizen, Ichimaru, and Tōsen are trapped in Yamamoto's Shikai, Baraggan himself decides to give all orders. Ggio and the rest of Baraggan's Fracción then pull out a throne made of bones for him to sit upon and awaits his orders.
After discovering the four pillars that are keeping the real Karakura Town in Soul Society, Baraggan sends four members of his Fracción to a different pillar to destroy them, stating that if they are going to guard them using ants he will just have to send dragons to crush them. Ggio does not partake in the following battles and remains by Baraggan's side. In the ensuing battles, one by one, the four Fracción are defeated and killed, much to Ggio and Baraggan's surprise.
Reiatsu Color:Blue

Clan:Baraggan Louisenbairn's Fracción,
Rank :26

Resurreccion Information

Zanpakutou Name :Tigre Estoque
Zanpakutou Command :Bite Off
Zanpakutou Sealed form:Gigo Vega  Ggio_sword

Resurrecion Appearance :
Gigo Vega  Tigre_Estoque
Resurrecion Abilities : Resurrección Special Ability: In his Resurrection form, Ggio's speed and strength are greatly enhanced

Misil Diente:gio demonstrates the ability to shoot the "sabre-teeth" of his helmet as projectiles in this form when they stick out straight toward the target. These "teeth" are shot with enough force that they can easily pierce the side of a building.

Tigre Estoque El Sable: By lifting his right blade up to the sky as it glows his spiritual energy rises as he declares "Tigre Estoque El Sable", which forces Ggio to make another transformation into a larger, muscular and more feral-like beast. Ggio calls this transformation the "battle form" of Tigre Estoque. In this form his muscle mass increases greatly with the white parts of his original look become a brown color. He gains a small blond mane around his neck. His entire forearms and hands are replaced with large blades. While the red stripes on his face become more prominent with a widows peak running down the bridge of his nose. Even his braid becomes longer. His veins prominently pop over all the of this new form due to his being enraged in order to supply the power for the transformation.

Other things:Like other things that you didn't say

Specialty:Cero: Like many Arrancar, Ggio can fire a magenta colored
Cero and he uses it by blasting it from the palm of his hands. It is powerful enough to blast through multiple walls before dissipating.
Expert Hand-to-hand Combat: He is highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat, capable of taking on Suì-Fēng, who is herself highly adept. He commonly uses swift kicks when the opponent least expects it.

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: He is highly proficient in swordsmanship, being able to take on the likes of Suì-Fēng, while his Zanpakutō is sealed as well as being highly adept in the use of three blades while in his released form. His fighting style and technique involves swift and stabbing strikes as well as constant attacks aimed at catching his opponent using his great speed and wielding his Zanpakutō with a reverse-grip for wide swings and strokes with his attacks.

Sonído Expert: Ggio's speed is highly adept in the use of Sonído. His proficiency in the technique is evident as he is highly agile and is able to keep up with Suì-Fēng, at times even surprising her with how fast he can move when engaging in combat. He is skilled at dodging attacks through use of his speed.

High Spiritual Power: Being both an Arrancar and a Fracción, Ggio has a high amount of spiritual power.
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