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PostSubject: Baraggan Louisenbairn   Baraggan Louisenbairn Icon_minitimeThu Aug 15, 2013 8:40 pm

Name : Baraggan Louisenbairn
Gender : male

Appearance : Baraggan Louisenbairn Barragan_Luisenbarn

Personality : Baraggan is boastful, arrogant, stubborn, prideful, and serious. He does not hesitate to impose his perceived authority over others, having taken the role of leader after Sōsuke Aizen was trapped, even going as far as openly challenging two other powerful Espada (including one higher in rank than himself) to disagree.[5] Baraggan refers to Aizen as "the Boss"[6] and to his opponents as "ants";[7] his Fracción, on the other hand, refer to him as "his majesty".[8] He does not bring his Zanpakutō with himself - his Fracción take care of it, as well as of his throne.[9] He analyzes situations quickly and calmly, such as finding the four pillars keeping the real Karakura Town in Soul Society.[10]
Baraggan's arrogance stems from him being the former King of Hueco Mundo prior to Aizen's ascension[11] and being able to control time, specifically aging.[12]

As the Espada of Old Age, Baraggan possesses a sense of fatalism which comes from his power, bragging about how death by aging is something which the mind cannot fathom except for it being inevitable, even for Shinigami.[13] He states everything which can exist for a lifetime cannot exist forever: even the word "forever" is meaningless, for it was born out of the fear of death.[14] This philosophy makes Baraggan quite merciless against his enemies, rotting the flesh from their bodies.[15] Despite all of Baraggan's bragging, Hachigen Ushōda suggests that Baraggan is simply another life form that fears old age and tried to escape it; Baraggan himself claimed that he will never die.[16]

For all his pride and power, Baraggan is easily angered. Whenever this happens, he flies into a blind rage and starts cursing at his opponents.[17][18] He will go completely all out in trying to attack the offender and anyone else in the way, even against all odds.[19] Baraggan has held a grudge against Aizen since the day he met him, and his final act was an attempt on Aizen's life, which proved to be in vain

History : Before becoming an Espada, Baraggan was the undisputed God-King of Hueco Mundo and the original ruler of Las Noches. He reigned over an open court with many servants, and had a large army of Hollows. He was increasingly bored as a result of nothing to do, nothing to conquer, and no one to defeat, thus rendering his army nearly useless: its only purpose had become awaiting the invasion of another force. When Baraggan was told one of his subordinates had been killed, Sōsuke Aizen, Gin Ichimaru, and Kaname Tōsen appeared at the entrance to the court. Tōsen killed a Hollow which had tried to attack Aizen, who, stating he and Baraggan had never met before, asked him if he was the King of Hueco Mundo. Confirming his status, Baraggan asked Aizen who they were. Pointing out they had no masks, which made it obvious they were not Hollows, Baraggan asked if they were Humans or Shinigami. When the question was not answered, Baraggan, stating he cared very little about what they were, said he was so bored, he would have split his army in two and made them kill each other if they had not arrived, and welcomed them to his palace of Las Noches.[21]
Aizen shows Baraggan his Zanpakutō
Aizen shows Baraggan his Zanpakutō.
Tōsen states that it was interesting that Baraggan called a place without walls or a ceiling a palace, asking if it was a joke on his part. Baraggan replied that he had no need for a ceiling, for he was a king, and that the very sky of Hueco Mundo was the roof of his palace. Unsheathing his Zanpakutō, Aizen asked Baraggan to take a look at his sword, telling him that its name was Kyōka Suigetsu. As he held it up for all to see, Baraggan asked him what he was doing. Aizen then asked him if he was happy with what he had, confusing Baraggan. He went on, asking if Baraggan ever felt that this place was not where he should be. Aizen then stated that if he wanted to rise even higher, then he would aid Baraggan if he followed him. When he claimed if he did so, he would give him more power and a new world, Baraggan laughed at the notion, declaring that he was the King of Hueco Mundo, and that there was no one higher than him and no new world for him. Baraggan, no longer amused by the intruders, ordered his army to crush them all. However, Aizen released his Shikai and proceeded to decimate Baraggan's entire army. Aizen stated that this was Baraggan's world, prompting him to rise from his throne and prepare to attack with his Gran Caída. Taunting Baraggan, Aizen stated that it was ironic that Baraggan, dressed in black and ready to attack, looked just

Reiatsu Color:purple

Clan : Espada
Rank : 2

Resurreccion Information

Zanpakutou Name :Arrogante
Zanpakutou Command :Arrogante
Zanpakutou Sealed form:Baraggan Louisenbairn Baraggan_zanpakuto

Resurrecion Appearance :Baraggan Louisenbairn Baraggan_Released_%28ep276%29
Resurrecion Abilities : Resurrección: The release phrase of Arrogante is Rot (朽ちろ, kuchiro; Viz: "Decay"). When releasing his Zanpakutō, Baraggan, holding it out in front of him with its axe-head pointing downwards, declares the release. Releasing red Reiatsu, the slit-eye pendant between the axe-blades begins to generate numerous jet-black and purple flames, which, burning away Baraggan's flesh, reduce his entire body to little more than a skeleton, with his head becoming a skull and his hands and arms being reduced to bone, though he retains both of his armbands. Afterwards, Baraggan's body becomes draped in a purple cloak, with a pitch-black tattered fur collar around his neck area and the fringes of his cloak, which gives him a macabre appearance strongly reminiscent of a lich. Several lengths of golden chain, originally worn like a belt around his waist, now dangle out of his armbands. The eye from his Zanpakutō is now worn at the center of his chest near his neck as an elegant pendant. The sandals of his uniform become white, pointed-toe boots. His crown-like mask fragment turns into a full, extravagantly decorated, bejeweled crown, with a chain running downward on the left side. He retains the scar present on his right eye from his previous form, visible now as an apparent crack in the same location.[57]
Resurrección Special Ability: In this form, Baraggan's natural abilities are enhanced.
Enhanced Hierro: Baraggan's natural Hierro is enhanced, allowing him to take a direct hit from Suì-Fēng's Jakuhō Raikōben and only have the left part of his skull and his lower right arm destroyed.[58]
Enhanced Senescencia: While in his Resurrección, Baraggan can age and deteriorate every object around him: even the very building he walks upon begins deteriorating from his mere presence.[59] Because of this, he is protected from most close-range and melee attacks, for everything which comes within a specific range of him rapidly ages and disintegrates before actually making contact.[60] Baraggan deteriorated numerous rocks thrown at him by Ōmaeda's Shikai as they made contact with his field.[61] He used the ability on Suì-Fēng's Bankai to make it explode far away from him, allowing him to escape the blast relatively undamaged.[62]
Baraggan uses Respira.
Respira (死の息吹 (レスピラ), resupira; Spanish for "Breathe", Japanese for "Breath of Death"): Baraggan unleashes a black and purple, smoke-like miasma, which, radiating outward from him, ages and rots anything which it comes into contact with. It moved fast enough to strike Suì-Fēng while she was attempting to escape from it at full speed. The miasma decayed the skin on Suì-Fēng's left arm until only shredded clothes and her arm's skeleton were left behind. Even after escaping the attack, the deterioration continued until the afflicted area was amputated.[63] Baraggan can control its speed, purposely releasing a slower Respira when chasing Ōmaeda.[61] Respira can dissolve Kidō, which Baraggan demonstrated when he destroyed a Kidō cage which Hachigen Ushōda had imprisoned him in.[64] Baraggan explained this aspect by stating because all living things eventually die, the things which they create eventually die as well.[65] Under normal circumstances, Baraggan is protected from the effects of this ability, but this protection is negated if his Respira somehow enters his own body.[66]
Baraggan summons Gran Caída.
Gran Caída (滅亡の斧 (グラン・カイダ), guran kaida; Spanish for "Great Fall", Japanese for "Axe of Ruin"): Baraggan wields a Resurrección form of his original double-bladed axe, which he keeps hidden within his cloak. It is the same axe he used as the King of Hueco Mundo, before he became an Arrancar. The axe itself has a much slimmer and darker appearance than its predecessor. It sports two pointed blades and a large spike protruding outwards from its center, in place of the now-absent slit-eye pendant. There are four golden chains present around the base of the spike, which extend into his cloak and attach to an ornate bracelet worn around his right wrist. Just as before, he wields the axe with a single hand. Baraggan uses this in an attempt to finish Ōmaeda off, referring to it as Ōmaeda's "guillotine".[67]
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