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PostSubject: Isshinsai Ogata    Isshinsai Ogata  Icon_minitimeThu Oct 10, 2013 2:49 pm

Name :Isshinsai Ogata 
Nickname:Kensei,The Saint Fist,The Sage Fist,Holy Fist
Gender :Male
Age :30-39
Appearance :Isshinsai Ogata  Ogata
Isshinsai Ogata  IO

Personality :Like Alexander Gaidar and Diego Carlo, he possesses a far angrier side under his calm and composed self, but with slightly more control, only getting angry when someone or something is looking for a fight or provokes him. Ogata appears to be a sociopath, able to, at a moment's notice, change his demeanor completely.
When he first meets Kenichi, he comes off as a kind man seeking atonement, whereas when he fights the bear, he shows his vicious nature, continuing to attack the bear even after it was already dead. He has also shown seemingly no form of morals or concern for other people, regularly using other people through various manipulations to suit his needs (namely, his disciples), even using them as test subjects for developing new techniques and shows no remorse in the pain his they suffer. Even when Rimi was close to death due to Ogata's influence on her, he just remarked it being a shame and only planned how he would try again on another disciple, completely unconcerned over her death.
However, despite Ogata's lack of morality towards human life, he has shown to have some sense of moral code. As when Mayu Tanaka attempted to kill him to avenge her father, Ogata did try to persuade her to not fight stating he doesn't want to kill such a young person, but would go all out should she continue, to which he killed her. Once he discovered she was pregnant at the time, Ogata seemingly regretted killing her, and this is heavily implied to be the reason that he originally isolated himself to seek atonement in the mountains where he meets Kenichi. This was shown again when fighting Kenichi, stating he didn't want to kill him, but would, should he continue. He seems to choose to go all out when his opponents respond at full strength as a sign of respect. Although he is a Satsujinken, Ogata has a martial arts code. He believes everyone is equal in the world of martial arts, but he will only kill a person if they are attacking him with killing intent. Likewise he himself encourages his own disciples to one day surpass and kill him, showing that he even views his own life as a stepping stone to advancing martial arts. Odin noted that when facing multiple opponents, Ogata will attack the first fighter who assumes a defensive stance. Ogata does however, have one weakness: if he stops to praise his opponent, he will leave himself open for a short period of time.
Despite his cruelty in battle, Ogata has a genuine love and appreciation for martial arts. He believes that martial arts should be pure and that one should not bring their emotions or grudges into their fights. His respect for martial arts is so pure that he stated that he would gladly be criticized for killing someone and even let them call him a "Murderer." Even Kenichi stated that he could not completely hate someone whose love for martial arts was so sincere.
Ryuto respects him much like the other YOMI members with their masters. However, Ogata seems to have a two sided relation with his disciple; he trains Ryuto with several extremely high level techniques, but also uses him as a test subject for his untested techniques like the Seidou Goui without caring for his well being.
He seems to get along with the other Yami members despite being a new member, most likely for his high strength and skill as a martial artist. However, he seems to be rather cautious around Mikumo due to her being much stronger and even commented on how terrifying she is from her ki.
Ogata seems to harbor a strong animosity towards the Katsujinken, claiming it to be weak and those who follow it are soft in battle due to there refusal to kill their opponents and that their feelings hold them back and claim it makes them hard to deal with. It is this attitude that seems to have made him leave Ryozanpaku, having such strong killing intent.
Ryuto noted that Ogata has one weakness in his skills: his pride. As noted by Ryuto, Ogata will not hesitate to praise disciples, whether they be his own or another master's. This is shown to be his downfall in his fight with Ryuto and Kenichi, when Ogata is too busy praising Kenichi's managing to touch his face to notice Ryuto charging in to attack.
Despite be a follower of the Satsujinken, and a very vicious fighter, Ogata has been shown to have a very merciful side to him, and has been shown to actually display that mercy even to his disciples. This was shown when he picks up Lugh when leaving with Berserker and allows Ryuto to stay with Rimi and not return with him back to Yami. It was revealed that before Rimi died from the overuse of the Seidou Goui, he stopped Rimi's Ki flow and deactivated it before it killed her. He even took a look at Ryuto, apparently disappointed but still did not try to stop or kill him for his decision to betray his master, showing that even though he is a Satsujinken, he is willing to allow his targets to live.

History :Ogata was originally going to be the very first disciple of Ryōzanpaku before Kenichi. However, the elder saw that he had evil intentions. Sometime after leaving he met up with Ryuto, who was about to witness his fight with two armed opponents. He quickly defeated them and showed Ryuto that martial arts killing still exists and took him in as hisdisciple.
At some point he used Kai Midou, who trained alongside Ogata during their days at Ryozanpaku , and who was affected with an unknown illness, in martial art experimentation. After having a fight to the death at Midou's dojo, he killed him and later his dauther Mayu Tanaka (and her unborn child), leading his son-in-law, and disciple, Tsutomu Tanaka down the path of revenge.
Clan:Yami,One Fist Nine Shadows


Weapon Name:Doesn't use any
Weapon Looks:
Weapon Command :
Weapon Abilities:

Strengths:While the newest and youngest member of the Yami, Isshinsai has undisputedly cemented himself as one of its greatest powers. Since a young age, Isshinsai showed great potential for the martial arts. His talents were great enough that Ryōzanpaku originally chose him to be its sole disciple. A truly fierce fighter, all known opponents to have faced him, have either ended up brutally killed or left seriously injured. One of his greatest (and more infamous feats) was his ability to defeat and kill Kai Midou and Mayu Tanaka, both master-level opponents in successive fights. He also recently defeated and killed Tsutomu Tanaka, another master of Tenchi Mushin Ryuu.

  • Master Teacher: It has been noted that out of all of the One Shadow Nine Fists, Isshinsai is the most diligent one when it comes to training his disciples. Despite his lack of compassion, he has been noted by Hayato Furinji to be a remarkably skilled teacher, able to not only unlock large amounts of his students' potential skills in relatively short amounts of time, but also match his teaching methods to each disciples' individual skillsets. Examples include Odin, Berserker, Rimi and Lugh, who have all shown tremendous progress in their respective skills under his tutelage inspite of their wildly different combat styles. While a ruthless teacher, he does not shy from giving praise to his disciples for their growth as martial artists. However he is also prone to use his students as test subjects in order to teach them powerful yet self-destructive techniques such as theSeidou Goui.
  • Immense Strength: Befitting his large build, Isshinsai has demonstrated remarkable strength. During his brief performances in battle, he was able to balance and support his entire weight horizontally on a pole and throw an Asian bear, both feats with a single hand. He was able to repel one of Miu's flying kicks, tossing her aside with great force and knocking her out in the process with one punch and minimal effort. He was also able to knock out Kenichi, a disciple whose key feature is endurance by striking him with one finger to the heart. He even managed to stop a two finger, point-blank strike from a Seidou Goui-empowered Ryuto with his bare teeth showing massive physical strength. Another testament to his strength was his ability to completely crush Tanaka's skull with an overhead elbow strike.
  • Immense Physical Prowess: Through years of creating his own personal style, Ogata has physically conditioned himself in the ways of various different types of ancient styles and training excerises in order to better increase his prowess as a martial artist. Ogata possess incredible reflexes, being capable of blocking point-blank strikes at the very last second. He has also shown incredible flexibility and dexterity, able to extend one leg straight up while standing on his other and balance a full-grown man on his extended leg. His physical durability is immense, enough to take one of Tanaka's last techniques undamaged while Tanaka's hands were damaged in the impact. Ogata has great stamina, able to defeat and kill Kai Midou and later defeat and kill Mayu Tanaka, despite receiving further injuries.
  • Immense Dual Ki: When worked up, Isshinsai can be seen emitting a powerful and intimidating aura. It is so powerful, that Kenichi was shocked to see the seemingly kind Isshinsai capable of such power. Takeda noted that despite his calm and friendly appearance is that of a terrifying aura underneath, and yet, he states he's someone you can't come to hate. He believes it's due to his genuine love for martial arts. Though possessing and specializing in the use of Dou Ki, he can also attain and use it's counterpart, Sei Ki to an equally skilled degree, capable of using one of it's most advanced techniques, the Seikuken. He is also one of the rare fighters that can combine both types of ki.
  • Master Manipulator: Isshinsai is a very crafty and charismatic man, able to skillfully deceive allies and foes alike to suit his needs. His most common tactic is to take the appearance of a kind-hearted and generous man to win over their trust or use profound speeches on individuals with conflicted emotions. He is also good at using other's feelings against him to his advantage, having used Tanaka's desire to avenge his master to kill him causing Tanaka to lose his calmness.
  • Master Mixed Martial Artist: Isshinsai is a master of his own modified style of multiple Ancient Martial Arts, as such he is a very versatile fighter and a master of mixed martial arts. Isshinsai's fighting style comes from extensive research and training into various other styles that are considered ancient and practically extinct before modifying them into his own personally-made Ogata-Style. Through his years and journey to passionately improve his prowess as a martial artist, Isshinsai has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge if not skill in various styles. During his time at Ryōzanpaku, Isshinsai learned much from the masters' various different combat forms, including at least one of the elder's personal techniques. He also learned techniques of the Tenchi Mushin Ryuu, though his degree of skill on this style is unknown. Isshinsai has also spent much time in not only developing his own original techniques, but has put much effort into teaching them to his various students with different combat styles to use them as test subjects to further refine the said techniques. His skill in martial arts is such that he can avoid an enemy's strikes, while purposely mimicking their blows and attack power all with great ease. Ryuto gave a bit on insight into his master's fighting style, noting that he would typically strike at the first person to assume a defensive stance and that the greatest opening to attack him is when he is praising his opponent.

Fighting style:Ancient Martial Arts,Chinese Kenpo,Jujutsu,Furinji Style
Other Things:
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