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PostSubject: Silcardo Jenazad   Silcardo Jenazad Icon_minitimeThu Oct 10, 2013 3:10 pm

Name :Silcardo Jenazad
Nickname:Kenmashajin, Yudis
Gender :Male
Age :80+
Appearance :Silcardo Jenazad 2877035-49
Silcardo Jenazad O449.0707.1

Personality :Sadistic, amoral, insane and sociopathic, Jenazad is a man who has become consumed by his fame in his country, truly believing himself to be a god among men and has no qualms about sacrificing people to further his own goals, even delighting in others suffering. Like other members of Yami he sees his martial arts style as the strongest and calls it "Supreme Silat".
He is very strict with high expectations for his disciple and followers, well-known for cold-heartedly disposing those who fail him or are merely not to his liking, as seen when he causes an avalanche to bury Radin for not having killed Kenichi quickly enough. He is completely unconcerned about losing his disciple, boasting that he could easily train someone else to his level to replace him. When it comes to his own country and people, Jenazad has no care for them and has no problem in abandoning them when they are injured or killed.
He is a very battle-loving person, as he kept wanting to step in and fight when he saw Sakaki battle Sehrul. Jenazad seemingly enjoys watching a good match, such as watching Hongo's and Sakaki's fight and Kenichi's and Miu's fight. He has a unique "kakakakaka" laugh and seems to have a strong liking for fruit; he is always seen eating fruit, even able to eat a pineapple without worrying about the sharp spines on it. He enjoys fruit as a way to quench his so-called thirst. According to Akira Hongō, Jenazad follows the way of the Demon, something not evenRyozanpaku or even Yami follows, further showing his heartlessness in battle. Similar to Ogata Isshinsai, Jenazad also used his disiciple and his followers as test subjects for the martial arts, constantly making them kill each other, then kills the winner as a another test for mastering martial arts. It should be noted that although Ogata experimented with people because of his love of martial arts, Jenazad experimented only the sake of developing his "Supreme Silat" style. Also of note is that he has no qualms about going against both Ryozanpaku and Yami at the same time, claiming that Yami was merely a "temporary truce between masters". He's also arrogant, which almost cost him his life in his fight with Hongo, as when he let his guard down and believing Hongo to be dead, Hongo rose up again and almost got killed by him because he underestimated him and was later killed when Hongo tricked him by using the same move again and was killed by Hongo due to his arrogance.
Jenazad seems to hold a grudge against Furinji Hayato, as shown when he tried to brainwash his granddaughter, she is still able to hold back in her fight with Kenichi. However, in a flashback of the elder, it's implied the two may have been friends once where it is implied Jenazad is the one that taught the Elder Tidat medicine. This hatred extends to Hayato's very bloodline, as he blames it for keeping her from being fully under his control. However, this may also have been due to the former comradeship of the disciples and his possible defeat at the hands of the Elder, upon which he wishes to take revenge on his granddaughter. Jenazad has also developed a dislike for Kenichi due to seeing Hayato in Kenichi and Kenichi being a reason that he can't completely control Miu.

History :At some point in Jenazad's youth, he completed his training in Pencak Silat by killing his master in battle. His master's dying words were congratuations, calling him a perfect warrior that will unlikely ever meet a one stronger than him. He also warned Jenazad that should he ever meet defeat, the reason would not be because of greater might or skills, it will most likely come from a greater tenacity towards martial arts.
About thirty years before the start of the series, Jenazad took part in a war against a Western power, leading a guerilla unit on the front line. Having single-handedly saved his country from near-exinction, he rose to earn the name of Demon Fist God. Despite the fame he obtained, he grew uncomfortable with the steady and peaceful era he had unknowingly created. Seeking to restore his country to its war-torn time, he began to discreetly place conflict amongst his people so as to make use of his skills again. Furthermore, in his goal to grow ever stronger, he began having his subordinates fight and kill each other in the goal of making Silat progress.
At some point in time he fought against Hayato Fūrinji, giving the Invincible Superman a difficult match, but the battle ended before a winner could be decided and the Elder had to leave due to his ship, which was going to leave soon. He seems to be one of the more respected members of Yami as Sehrul Rahman addressed him as "Jenazad-dono", "dono" being an honorific between "san" and "sama" in level of respect.
While in Yami one day, Sho Kano would attempt to learn Silat from Jenazad. Jenazad however, wanted to see if he was worthy and told his disciple Jihan to fight and try to kill Shou. Shou was able to win his fight with Jihan and Jenazad decided to train him.

Clan:Yami, One Show Nine Fist

Weapon Name:None
Weapon Looks:
Weapon Command :
Weapon Abilities:

Strengths:A living legend and hero of god-like status in his homeland, Jenazad an undoubtedly a remarkable master-class fighter, even by Ryōzanpaku and Yami standards. While still young, he flawlessly defeated and killed his own master in battle with no visible injuries of his own. Believing Silat to be the ultimate martial art, he has mastered all its styles and techniques, both unarmed and weapons-based, and has refined them plus developed various new techniques to create a unique style called "Supreme Silat". His skills are such that by purely using his specialty ofPencak Silat, he single-handedly changed the flow of his homeland's war and was the only one of two known people with whom Hayato Fūrinji himself admitted that he had a tough fight with. Another demonstration of his power is that he believes he is powerful enough to take on two extraordinary master-class fighters like Sakaki and Hongo, members of Ryōzanpaku and Yami's One Shadow Nine Fists respectively, at the same time (albeit they were already tired and battered) and critically wounded the latter at full strength while sustaining minor injuries himself, only losing in the end because he let his guard down in the final moment. Both Sakaki and Hongo admit that Junazard is stronger then either of them. On top of that, he claims to be able to raise a disciple to Yomi's level in no time. Though unclear if he was boasting, the fact that he shows no hesitance in disposing of his fallen disciple may prove that he is not joking about his abilities to raise disciples. Both his former master and his disciple Jihan noted that he was a perfect warrior.

  • Immense Reflexes: He is able to stand on the side of a tower with minimal effort while facing off against Hongo and move and even stand on his toes with little effort. Junazard can even fight while on the side of the tower all the while not falling off and keeping Hongo on the defense for most of the fight. He is capable of being able to move his body to a degree that he's able to strike his opponents vital points with ease.
  • Immense Strength: He has constantly shown remarkable strength and power. The strength of his blows can literary split the water in the swimming pool in two and is physically strong enough to nonchalantly plow through brick walls. He is able to launch shockwaves with his mere voice that can easily cause an avalanche. He can destroy a tower where he and Hongo were fighting with minor effort. His toes are strong enough to allow him to stay on the side with ease and even keep up on the side of a tower without falling off with ease.
  • Master Strategist and Tactician: Having lead a resistance force to successfully drive away an enemy army, Jenazad has proven himself a remarkable leader. Repeatedly, he has also shown himself to be a very crafty manipulator, using various unorthodox tactics to deceive and use his enemies to suit his needs. He is able to create a type of serum to force Miu to fall under his control and carefully watch her growth with his medicine taking over. He was even able to guess correctly on were Hongo was going to strike when he got up to strike him from behind, knowing Hongo was going to do a reckless move.
  • Immense Speed: Junazard is capable of moving incredibly fast as he is able to make 9 after images of his self with his great speed. The speed of his attacks are so great he can attack with his hands and feet at the same time. He's capable of moving along the side of a tower without falling off and able to still cause Hongo a difficult time. His speed is so great that he can keep even someone like Hongo on the defense for most of the fight and cause him to make so many afterimage clones of himself that dodging his moves are near impossible.
  • Killing Intent: Junazard's killing intent could cover a large area and is capable of causing all people he is looking at to pass out or shake with fear.
  • Immense Ki:  Junazard can stop incoming attacks by powerful opponents such as Akira Hongo with his Ki alone as if the later had ran into a force field.

Fighting style:Supreme Silat
Other Things:
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