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 Alexander Tremelay

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Crimson Knight


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PostSubject: Alexander Tremelay   Fri Feb 28, 2014 9:07 pm

Alexander Tremelay
Name: Alexander Tremelay
Nickname: Knight of Ruin, Ser Alex.
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Appearance: Alexander is 6'6, broad shouldered, and riddled with muscles that suit every womens fantasy. His massive presence is made even more intimidating by his cold and piercing silver eyes. His hair falls to his upper back and he has a scar from his right cheek to the bridge of his nose from the dragon he slayed.

Personality: Alexander's personality is opposite of Joesph's, being less gentlemanly and more rough around the edges like a battle hardened soldier. He is quiet, gruff, abrassive, and unapprochable most of the time, and his brand of humor is extremely dark laughing at things other people find saddening. He does retain honor and respect however once pausing a fight to allow his opponent to find a new weapon so he didn't attack an unarmed opponent, and he knows how to put on a sophisticated act if need be. He is the strong silent type, never really letting loose. He shows no mercy to his opponents, and fights like a wild animal destroying everything with his unreal strength.

History: Alexander grew up alongside Joesph and many of the older generation Kishimoto's and Salvani's. He showed great talent and his massive strength at a young age being sent on missions for the family since he was very very young. His reputation grew as he and the other members of the great clans he worked for cleared opponents from the battlefield with ease and quelled uproars. When the rumbles of revolting stirred in the Tremelay house, Alexander was neither for or against it. He felt that the Tremelay's did deserve to be called a world protectorate but knew the cost at this point would be too heavy if they were to go to war. So the good soldier he is, he continued to do his duties without conflict. When the revolt actually began however, Alexander was faced with the choice of protecting his family which meant killing men he had fought alongside from the opposing families, or side with those same men and crush his families ideals. In the end he chose family, but was given a special mission by the previous head of the Tremelay clan. The Previous Lord had taken a royal bride from a neighboring dimensions ruling family to sire the next Tremelay lord. Knowing his wife would be in danger, instead of putting Alexanders skills to use on the battlefield, he was sent to protect the Lord's wife and accompany them back to her homeland. The Lord's assumptions proved correct when one of the dragons fighting on the side of the Kishimoto attacked the traveling company. With his squire Daelin whom he had taken with him on the mission, Alex engaged the dragon eventually slaying it after an hour long battle. Accompanying the Wife to her homeland, Alexander remained by her side for years after incase some assassins were hired and training his Squire abroad. Now after nearly 8 years away Alex has returned to find the Tremelay's new castle within the Town of Virtue, to take up the position as Battlemaster.

Clan: Tremelay

Height: 6'6
Weight: 245 lbs
Knight: Knight of the Damned

Weapon Name: Heartsbane
Weapon Looks:
Weapon Command: "Rage"
Weapon Abilities: Heartsbane is a blade found within a dungeon by Alexander while on a job hunting beasts. It has the ability to enhance every strike and stroke the user throws the more angry the user gets.

Race: Human/Knight

Strengths: Where as his best friend Joesph is the fastest Tremelay, Alexander is without doubt the Strongest. His physical strength is said to be the greatest in the history of the Tremelay family, capable of shattering entire land structures apart when he makes contact. Every swing of his sword brings with it a heavy amount of gravity, so that even if he misses you are caught in the after stroke with its power compressing you to your very bones. Trying to block his attacks is pointless as all defenses are useless against him, and he shatters weapons with a single swing of his blade. Without his sword he employs a brutal wrestling style, grabbing onto opponents and breaking bones with grappling techniques and simple punches. He fights with a determined and animalistic savagery when in combat, which is aided by his unreal stamina and ability to take damage. He never even flinches at the most grievous of wounds, and can fight for seemingly endless periods of time, never stopping to breath until the fight is over. Ontop of that he can use his Knight's abilities to absolute perfection, having mastered it at a young age.

weakness: It is easy to see through his attacks because he doesn't use too much of any finesse, he is a very straightforward fighter. While he is not slow he is definetly not a speedster of any kind, capable of being outpaced.

Element: Ice and Death
Fighting style: Tremelay Strong Style, Berserker.
Other Things:
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PostSubject: Re: Alexander Tremelay   Sun Mar 02, 2014 6:00 am

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Zeke Han


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PostSubject: Re: Alexander Tremelay   Tue Mar 04, 2014 5:58 pm

why did you approve this its for sell?
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PostSubject: Re: Alexander Tremelay   

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Alexander Tremelay
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