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 San San no Mi

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PostSubject: San San no Mi   Wed Aug 03, 2011 7:37 am

Name of Devil Fruit:San San no Mi
Is the Devil Fruit Adopted?:No
If Adopted, who last owned the fruit?
If Adopted, when was the last activity of the previous owner?
Type of Devil Fruit:Logia
Devil Fruit Appearance:Looks like Plum

What character is this fruit for?Madelia Kong
Has your character already been created and accepted?:Yes
How your character came to possess the fruit:One day after coming home from work to see her father he said that he had found a fruit for her and she ate it later that night
Ability Description:The San San no Mi allows Madelia body to become like acid not allowing anyone to come near her as when they touch her they burn easily. This mean physical attacks can not harm Madelia as they burn up before they even hit her she can even burn through large amounts of ice and water. Madelia while not liking it can transform her self into a form of acid and can engulf at least seven people at a time.

Abilities given by the fruit:

Death's saw: Madelia make disc like saw in her hands made out of acid and throws them at her opponent

Puppies Dinner: Madelia tap her foot on the ground and under her opponent comes hell hounds made out of acid that bite her opponent the number of hounds can be anywhere from ten to eighteen

The Viper:Madelia favorite attack one of them she cross her arms and takes a stance from her body a giant viper wraps around her the attacks her enemies she can take down whole three ships with this move alone

Vemon wings: Madelia jumps up into the air and cames down hard throwing both her arms and legs around shooting acid everywhere in a giant wing like form. But when on the ground she turns twirls around and hits anything around her

The Wyvern:Madelia strongest attack is when she turns herself into a dragon like beast known as the Wyvern made out of pure acid once form Madelia close it from the inside it is most use for a giant charge attack like leaves the are engulf in her element but in some cases she can control it to fight and shot off acid attacks from its mouth.
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Blue Dragon


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PostSubject: Re: San San no Mi   Thu Aug 04, 2011 7:17 pm

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San San no Mi
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