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PostSubject: Kurotsuchi   Kurotsuchi Icon_minitimeTue Aug 16, 2011 5:46 am

Name : Kurotsuchi
Gender : Female
Appearance :
Kurotsuchi Kurosidepicclb___kurotsuchi_by_dreamy_bibe-d4m8ak8_zps85cb457b
Kurotsuchi Boruto__naruto_the_movie_kurotsuchi__tsuchikage__by_iennidesign-d9tx3ed

Personality :Kurotsuchi is generally calm and easy-going. She has displayed a powerful loyalty to her village, as she was more interested in killing the jinchūriki of the Eight-Tails and Nine-Tails than actually protecting them. She decided this was the best plan so Iwa could become stronger than Konoha and Kumo.
Like her grandfather, Ōnoki, she is very audacious. She often sarcastically implies that because the Tsuchikage suffers from things like back pain he should be replaced by someone younger. She also has an immature side to her, which she hides, as seen when she reprimands Akatsuchi on his childish excitement about flying when they were heading towards the Island Turtle, though she was secretly excited about the prospect as well.

Kurotsuchi has the utmost confidence in her skills, as seen when battling and capturing Kabuto, which makes her somewhat arrogant of her abilities a trait she seemingly inherited from her grandfather as well.

History :Unknown
Ninja Village: Iwagakure
Number of mission taken:Unknown
Number of mission finished:Unknown

S rank missions:(if you taken any put the number)
A rank missions:(if you taken any put the number)
B rank missions:(if you taken any put the number)
C rank missions:(if you taken any put the number)
D rank missions:(if you taken any put the number)

Weapon Name:none
Weapon Looks:none
Weapon Command :none

Strenghts:Kurotsuchi is a highly capable kunoichi, having been chosen to guard the Third Tsuchikage during the Kage Summit, and the reinforcement of the Island Turtle.

Kurotsuchi is capable of using Earth, Fire, and Water Release nature transformations. Her Earth Release prowess enables her to erect a protective rock dome that was sturdy enough to endure several tons of falling rock. She's also able to hide herself in the ground, use sharp spikes made out of rock to impale her enemies and unearth things underground, either with the help of her father in a large scale version[ or by herself, creating pillars to defeat multiple enemies at once

Kurotsuchi can combine the basic natures she can manipulate to create an advanced one by combining earth and fire-natured chakra to create Lava Release, which in her case, creates quicklime. She can use Lava Release: Quicklime Congealing Technique to cause corrosive damage, and combine it with Water Release: Water Trumpet to increase its range and cause it to harden and trap the opponent. She can also manipulate her kekkei genkai in the form of ashes which can be used to trap and seal opponents. By the time she become the Tsuchikage, she has already mastered Lava Release

Kurotsuchi can be quite deceptive in combat, as demonstrated when she told her team-mates that she would send Kabuto in their direction, only to have him jump in the other direction falling into her trap. In the anime, she is revealed to be skilled in kenjutsu as well as taijutsu, defeating several of Naruto Uzumaki's shadow clones. She also displayed great evasiveness as well as sharp reflexes as seen against Ganryū and the other Kiri-nin under his command, nd great physical strength when she sent Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki into the sky with a single punch. In the Boruto: Naruto the Movie novel, she was stated to be the best genjutsu user amongst the five Kage


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