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Anime being use now Naruto,Seven Deadly Sins,My Hero Academia and One Piece. The color will be change soon I'll have someone do it. Check the news off updates.
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 Juri Han

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Blaze Heart
Blaze Heart

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PostSubject: Juri Han   Juri Han Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 9:54 pm

Name:Juri Han
Nickname:blood knight
Appearance:Juri Han Juri_han_001_by_deviant_003-d32l6rdJuri Han Juri_Han___Beach_Wall_by_KeikoMars
Personality:Juri is a villainous "blood knight" who fights for the thrill of the battle like Ryu (though the reasoning behind her drive is more malicious) and loves inflicting pain on her opponents. She has some femme fatale elements, as she makes provocative and suggestive remarks toward her enemies, and also fools and betrays those she was working with for her own sinister plans.
She possesses a strong, sensual figure, but is cruel, cunning and a sadistic, unforgiving fighter with a strong urge to cause havoc and destruction. She is a cold and calculating villain, callous to others, and treats her allies as pawns. Despite her dark personality, she will give her opponents a chance to run away and doesn't kill kids. This was seen in the Super Street Fighter 4 movie, when she killed everyone else but left a young boy alive.

Her personality, particularly against men, can be compared to a female spider. She likes to prey on others - when she is done with them she either brutally beats or kills them, as seen with Seth. This and her threat to M. Bison during her rival cutscene, ("I'll just eat you up. Bones and all.) may refer to the fact that at the end of a mating session, a female spider will attempt to eat the head of the male spider. This may also be a reference to her own appearance and nickname.

However, Juri has an extremely short, fiery temper. When attacked, she shows great anger. This parallel can be seen with Vega; taunting and arrogant one moment, angry and explosive the next.

History:In the S.I.N. laboratory, Juri undergoes an operation on her eye. She gains the Feng Shui Engine, which gives her incredible ki, speed and power. It is revealed that Juri was a prominent practitioner of Taekwondo when she was 15. Her father was a lawyer in charge of prosecuting organized crime operations. In this capacity, Shadoloo was his next target, causing her family to be kidnapped by that very organization. During the ordeal, Juri lost her parents and gravely wounded her left eye, Which caused her to turn her into the Woman she is today.
After the operation, Juri proceeds to assassinate operatives in a public area. Even with guns, her enemies stood no chance against her as she took them out one by one. Chun-Li, Cammy and Guile were called to the scene to stop her massacre. Chun-Li rushes into the scene to arrest Juri, and arrives just as Juri kills a man and a woman (however, the woman's son survives). Juri and Chun-Li battle, ending with Juri unleashing her eye's power and causing GBH to Chun-Li. As her victim lay on the ground, Juri prepared to deal the finishing blow. Just as she was about to murder Chun-Li, her eye malfunctioned, forcing her to flee back to the lab. After fixing her eye, Seth assigns Juri her next mission: capture Bison's elite female assassins, the dolls. Juri flies to the base of the dolls with several S.I.N employees. She manages to defeat every single assassin in combat, including Juli and Juni. As she was carrying the two unconcious assassins away to her plane, Cammy and Guile arrive. They have a heated fight, but Juri comes out on top. She boards her plane and straps Juni and Juli to beds with wheels. As it takes off, Cammy manages to jump and grab onto the open boarding ramp, and confronts Juri for one final time. After an intense conflict, Juri pushes one of the rolling tables (with an assassin on it) which collides with Cammy, who both fall off the boarding ramp into mid-air.
Unluckily for Juri, they survive the attempted murder as there was soft snow at the bottom of their fall

Likes:Spicy food, spiders

Dislikes:Rules, tedious people

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PostSubject: Re: Juri Han   Juri Han Icon_minitimeThu Sep 01, 2011 12:48 am

I want

Juri Han Han_Juri_38-1
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PostSubject: Re: Juri Han   Juri Han Icon_minitimeThu Sep 01, 2011 12:55 am

you can have her
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John Is God

John Is God

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PostSubject: Re: Juri Han   Juri Han Icon_minitimeSat Sep 17, 2011 1:31 pm

gigidy and a goo but then she kill the dude wen its over...hmm and i can't die so maybe xD
she hot thought but itsa maybe lolz
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PostSubject: Re: Juri Han   Juri Han Icon_minitime

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Juri Han
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