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The world of anime has cracked and split up! Now once again all the dimensions have come together as one.
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Anime being use now Naruto,Seven Deadly Sins,My Hero Academia and One Piece. The color will be change soon I'll have someone do it. Check the news off updates.
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PostSubject: Koroshiya Sazuketa   Koroshiya Sazuketa Icon_minitimeFri May 25, 2012 3:06 am

Koroshiya Sazuketa

Koroshiya Sazuketa Kaname1Koroshiya Sazuketa HitmanOutfit1

Name: Koroshiya Sazuketa

Nickname: Chinmoku(Silence), Death, Kira, Orenji, Onininja, Sexyshiya, Boss, and Mr. Femmes

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Appearance: In his everyday attire, Koro wears expensive clothing to compliment his dark brown hair, reddish brown eyes, and white skin tone. He stands at 6'2 and is 175lbs, appearing skinny and unassuming physically. On 'hits' that require stealth Koroshiya will dress in a dark black outfit, with a mask covering the lower half of his face. He styles his hair slightly different and sometimes back in this look, and his eyes appear fully red now matching the blood of his victims.

Personality: Koroshiya as a businessman is calm, intelligent, and sophisticated. He is tedious and never jumps head first into anything, preferring to have every fact before going in for the 'kill' so to speak. However he is ruthless, doing whatever is needed to get the money he is owed as well as put out a good product. In a battle he is absolutely merciless, looking to kill with every blow with no remorse or hesitation. He grew up learning that three things rule all worlds, and those are Money, Fear, and Power. As such his personality revolves around those things. He is money hungry relentless in its pursuit. He knows that if you are feared you are protected and seeks to strike fear into the hearts of his business comrades and especially his victims, he has come to be known as Chinmoku meaning silence, to those who fear him. Lastly he knows when all else is lost power is the most important. He doesn't just need physical power though he needs brain power. He makes it his goal in life to be the most well informed man in all the dimensions, information and knowledge is the pinnacle of power. He does not slack physically however, showing extreme dedication to his training and ever expanding skill pool.

History: Koroshiya grew up in an orphnage, learning the hard lessons of life early on from bullying and abandonment. At age 12 he struck out on his own, and resorted to thieving for his survival. One day he came across a woman wishing death on her husband. Koroshiya said he would oblige her if she would pay him with the groceries she was carrying. Believing him just to be a poor homeless boy she gave him the groceries but Koro took it as a contract and killed her husband before she got home. Thus a career was spawned. He would continue on like this into his late teens, operating within his dimension. When news of dimensions intermingling got out, Koroshiya saw a business venture. Before he could take his career to interdimensional horizon's though he needed information. So he set upon the trail of traveling. During his travels he met masters of many different kinds of weapons, learning from them at a prodigious rate, then killing them so noone could distinguish his style and his identity. After becoming a borderline master of all things bladed or shot, he encountered the ninja dimension of Naruto. Seeing these people had little stealth abilities to offer as they would use outlandish attacks with something called chakra instead of generic assassin abilties. Seeing no use there he learned their secrets of Chakra to create what he though were useful jutsu, contacted the dimensions most dangerous criminals in Akatsuki and continued traveling. This process continued until he felt he was sufficiently trained to take on any threat the dimensions had to offer. It was then he started fielding jobs, quickly gaining a reputation as the deadliest assassin. The money he recieved started to become so great he could not keep gaining without an outlet or he would be found out. This is when he started a brothel in Elysian town by the name of 'Femmes Abondent' Soon business flourished and he laundered his money through his own business and various other businesses he held stock in to avoid private attention by becoming a very public figure as the brothel became very popular with tales of exploits happening within its wall reaching every corner of the dimension. He has since taken on an assitant and kept busy with the contracts.

Ninja Village: His origin is unknown
Number of contracts taken: 12,619
Number of contracts finished: 12,619

S rank missions: 12,619
A rank missions: 0
B rank missions: 0
C rank missions: 0
D rank missions: 0

Strenghts: Weaponmaster, Hand to Hand proficient in all common martial arts, Super Speed, Stealth, Poisonmaster, and extreme amounts of entail on most things knowable.

weakness: Underwhelming Strength, Expects to one hit kill most opponents, Normal Human when not using cursed seal
Weapons and Abilities:

Weapons- Koroshiya has familiarized himself with every bladed weapon, and some that aren't. Into battle he usually takes a Kusarigama, housing the other weapons in scrolls that he can summon when the need arises. He will often have weapons stationed around a battle area if he was planning on the target being there, like a bow and arrow to kill from a distance. He is strongest with his assistant in weapon form, having mastered all of her forms and combination attacks.

Martial Arts- Koroshiya is stronger than most humans, being meta human in strength, but he is far outclassed by even a low level demon. Thus he compensates with martial arts that use his super speed and his opponents own momentum. Arts like Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Sambo, and Kalaripayattu are heavy in his arsenal should he be disarmed.

Speed/Stealth/escapology- He considers it the most important trait for an assassin and as such he has trained it to an extreme level. He utilizes Chakara to increase his already unbelievable natural speed. The result is one of the faster combatants in the dimensions. He is a master at hiding and escaping. His sense have been heightned to extreme levels to aid his stealth.

Unorthodox Assassination- Sometimes stealth and combat isn't required, the job calls for what seems to be an accident. As such Koroshiya is capable of creating various kinds of poison that leave the body quickly to make his victims look like they died of natural causes. He is more than capable of messing with something like a traffic light to cause a crash, and even make it look like another assassin pulled off the job by mimicking their style.

Element: He knows one jutsu of the natural elements, calling them dragon jutsu, creating a streaming fire dragon or water or earth, etc.

Fighting stlye: Stealthy, deceptive, and fast. He prefers to come in attack and get the job done. He is not gifted at prolonged combat so he specializes in one hit kill attacks.

Part 2 Weapon

Koroshiya Sazuketa Scaled.php?server=120&filename=adaliciacsf0

Name: Holly Goodhead (her real name is unknown)

Age: 22

Height: 5'0

Weight: 85lbs

Appearance: Small, sprite, and blonde. She is known to be exceedingly 'cute' by the brothel regulars. She is usually scantily clad, and never without a clipboard holding the days stocks, schedule, and earnings.

Personality: All business, she is grateful to Koroshiya for saving her life and fellow orphan's and in return has vowed to follow him to the end of the earth. She follows orders to the letter never swaying. She seems to condone or even support Koroshiya's profession and does everything she can to facilitate his training and contract completions. She is extremely intelligent, and is constantly running things on the business side as Koroshiya is out.

Weapon Modes: Holly is the perfect weapon for Koro. She takes on the form of a bo staff, that can turn into a scythe, a spear, and an extremely long handeled o-katana. She is techinally capable of sprouting a blade form anywhere on her body or weapon form, and controlling the blades width and length up to a maximum of 500yds on both stats.

History: Because of the nature of Koroshiya's work he has had her past wiped. The official story is she was found on the street and taken ward by Koroshiya. Her true story has hinted at her being from an abusive orphanage or experimental lab that Koroshiya was tasked with ending, and followed him ever since. But noone outsider of her and Koroshiya know the real story.

Other skills: She knows a martial art taught to her by Koroshiya that shuts off limb movement via pressure points, that she is very proficient in.

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