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The world of anime has cracked and split up! Now once again all the dimensions have come together as one.
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Information and things

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Site info and Ads

The background story, master information, RPing information, and character information is all here. Along with new things happening on the site. We also have adverting side right here for our friends
Moderator: Moderators
744Thu May 04, 2017 2:37 am
Ice Dragon Welcome to Animedimensions
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Groups information

All of the groups are place here along with the information about the group
30318Sun Jan 22, 2017 1:52 am
Rays School of warriors information
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Chat board, Video's and Pics

If the chatbox is to full then come to the chat board and talk it out wanna post some cool vids and share with us your favs? post um up no porn please! if u wanna post up pics sure do tht to just NO PORN!
861089Sat Jul 02, 2016 1:33 pm
Ice Dragon Hey Everyone......
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Plot Bored

All the plots go here all the major events along if you have a storyline going on and you want some people to help you out here it is post it here
4212Thu Feb 20, 2014 2:58 am
Uncrowned Brave Aurora Arc


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Special Technique Applications.

Post a list of all of your Techniques here
11Sun Jun 19, 2011 10:58 pm
Dark Sky Dragon Special Technique Template
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Character Applications for sell

We make applications here and put them up you should always check this out because we will put up one almost everyday mostly masters but still they will be up
127323Sun Jun 11, 2017 4:59 am
Zero Nagato
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Devil Fruit/Fighting Styles and Ship application

Devil Fruits for the pirates. The fighting styles for all and last the Ship for the pirates and to sail the seas what more can you ask for.
1843Wed Feb 05, 2014 1:58 pm
Sky King Ryoga's Devil fruit powers

The city

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School of Warriors

Three is always been a school where we learn to be better people, there is a place where we become friends, enemies, lovers and yet we wanna become warriors so come and learn and you just a normal person still come to school.
2135Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:27 am
Sleeping Slave Second day of school
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Town Square

The most fun part of the city is by far the main part, get to the rest of the large city from here, stop by and go shopping at one of the many stores and malls, have lunch or dinner hell take your date out whoever that may be. Don't be scared away by the people in fact enjoy everyone
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Hey nobody said the school had dorms well that may or may not be true. The city has a wide range of apartments and houses for those who go to school and work, right here

Kuraigakure:The Village Hidden In The Darkness

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The front of Kurai at the lower level you can about seven percent of the village from here being if your just coming to the village. There is nothing but giant walls that protect the village and demons outside of it
9204Mon May 16, 2016 12:59 am
Uncrowned Kamaris Returns
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At the top of the village is another part of the village this is Valeria some think because it looks poor it is but really the people here have a lot more then most of the villagers and there homes are very big they also sell rare items here
5152Thu Feb 13, 2014 12:12 pm
Material Kiochi fishing
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Moon Side

At the end of the middle of the village at night is nothing but trees,rivers,animals and little shops most people come here at night for one reason to see the bright red moon that shines around the area. Its also use at the Konomi can playground
7380Fri Dec 06, 2013 8:50 am
Green Yamada Her Memories
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Krata is the party side of the Kurai there are many clubs and hang out parts here most people come here to hang out,party or eat out
7297Tue Oct 22, 2013 7:15 pm
Uncrowned Xavier's Research
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The more upper battle area of Kruai lightning stirkes here at random times and the bulidings here are very high this part of the city is use for more of battles and training some people live here on the bulidings in the back but in truth this is the more hell lightning part you can find Katsuya or Kaishi here most of the time. The area has a huge battle stadium that is used for sport or other things.
10919Fri Nov 01, 2013 8:23 am
Shoku Yatsumaru Chunin to Jounin exams
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Shadow Lord Home

The Shadow Lord House and his children home
12428Mon Dec 23, 2013 12:29 am
Shinya Konomi Kuraigakure ninja information


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AsgardThe highest point in Camelot that seems to be in the clouds the only way to get up is to take the bridge up this is the castle of the Salvani clan where they live as they rule over this town. To the people who don't live there the town looks nothing more then deserted because of an illusion that allows no one to see it.
12511Thu Nov 14, 2013 11:05 pm
Bullet Angel Back home
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The field of apples in Camelot the apples grow off of trees and both out of the ground something that is rare in the town while the giant waterfall holds its own little secrets one's that can change a person life
556Tue Feb 25, 2014 2:03 pm
Kena Disappearing apples
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Camelot Cloud

The city of Camelot which is sitting on top of a cloud that sits in the middle of the water and moves most people who live here have some type of big connection in the world and is the city of knights or so its called this was the city that Zeo built while he was king
6138Wed Jan 22, 2014 6:16 am
Master The next Salvani King
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The home of warriors is a part of the town that is much like a battle colosseum where warriors from all around come to watch this where the young become man and where they weak become wrriors
6116Fri Jan 17, 2014 8:36 am
Lion flame Giotto vs anyone (1 on 1 only)
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White Roses

A lake in Camelot that is cover in white roses and falling sakura trees the weather is always sunny here and has a nice breeze to it the water is clear as the sky this lake is said to have the power of timeless to be able to see into the past of her family and your history along with seeing the sins inside of you most people come here to see inside themself while others come to enjoy the area
10167Sun Feb 16, 2014 6:57 pm
Dark Sky Dragon The 5th dungeon Marbas


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Kingdom of Liones

kingdom, located within Britannia, that was formerly ruled by the family of Liones before a coup d'etat at the hands of the Holy Knights, which made it a puppet state.
15Sat Jun 25, 2016 1:47 am
Thea Dry kingdom
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Kaynes Village

small village located within Britannia. It is located east of Fort Solgales and Bernia.
19Sat Jun 25, 2016 1:40 am
Shaman King Exploring a new land
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a small village located within Britannia. It is located seven miles southeast of Fort Solgales
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Dalmary Town

a small town located eight miles northeast of Baste Dungeon
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a town, whose fame for its ceramics attracts many merchants around Britannia
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merchant town in Britannia that was famous for its annual flea market festival. Giants are disallowed entry into the town since they had made a "huge ruckus" a few years ago. Vaizel is also host to an annual fighting tournament which takes place on top of the Great Vaizel Rock, during the flea market.
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the homeland of the Giant Clan and Diane of the Seven Deadly Sins. It is somewhat over 300 miles North of Camelot.
11Tue Apr 19, 2016 5:30 pm
Wild Goddess Tess Gathering information on the enemy.
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Kingdom of Camelot

Camelot is the new yet prosperous kingdom to the far south of Britannia led by the current king, Arthur Pendragon who is advised and mentored by the Boar's Sin of Gluttony, Merlin of the Seven Deadly Sins.
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Fairy King's Forest

The Fairy King's Forest is a forest within the Fairy Realm and the Human Realm. It marks the border between both realms. Before it was completely burned down due a Red Demon's purgatory flame, the blame of which was placed on Ban, the fairy nation was an ally of the Kingdom of Liones.

Grand Line

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Drum Island

A Winter Island in Paradise. It is the location of the Sakura Kingdom, formerly known as the Drum Kingdom; the birthplace of Tony Tony Chopper; and the setting of the Drum Island Arc. It was the third island on the Grand Line visited by the Straw Hat Pirates.
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Little Garden

An island in Paradise. Due to the climate, dinosaurs are still alive there. This is the second island on the Grand Line that the Straw Hat Pirates visit.
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Kyuka Island

This is where Mr. 3 and Miss Goldenweek take their days off when they are not on a mission. A hotel with a giant pool can be seen in this island. Apparently, many visitors come to this island. One of the identified visitors is Samurai Batts.
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A desert kingdom in Paradise. It was the fourth island that the Straw Hat Pirates visited on the Grand Line, and the events here resulted in Luffy's bounty being raised to Beli100,000,000, and Zoro acquiring a bounty of Beli60,000,000. It is where the poneglyph showing the location of Pluton is located, and is one of the twenty founding countries of the World Government.
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forest-covered spring island in Paradise that was once shaped like a skull and much larger than it is now. Due to over half of it being launched into the White-White Sea by the Knock Up Stream, only the part that makes up the skull's mouth remains. Canonically, it is the fifth place visited by the Straw Hat Pirates on the Grand Line.
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An island located in the sky above Paradise. It is the primary setting of the Skypiea Arc, and the sixth island visited by the Straw Hat Pirates on the Grand Line.
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Sabaody Archipelago

A massive mangrove forest growing out from the middle of the ocean with each tree of the forest serving as an "island" on which people live Due to the place being in close proximity to the part of the Red Line bordering the first half of the Grand Line and the New World, it is a highly visited rest stop for all sorts of travelers to prepare before entering the New World. Aside from its unique environment and it being a booming business hub, it is notable for the World Nobles who visit there and a thriving slave trade supported by them. One notable slave hunting group are the Flying Fish Riders whose headquarters are several kilometers east of the area

New World

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A Marine Base located in the New World, near the Red Line. It was first mentioned by Aokiji after the Battle of Marineford and according to him, it is full of problems. Smoker requested a transfer to this branch in order to "keep his targets close A lot of corrupt Marines and asshole Marines here
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Marine Headquarters

the main division of the Marine organization. They are considered "super-elites" among the Marines and are about three ranks apart from the standard Marine ranks in terms of standards of power. Whereas the Marine Branches are in charge of the four blues, the Headquarters' jurisdiction covers the Grand Line. The Headquarters' base of operations is currently in the New World, near the Red Line. Until two years ago, its base of operations was set in Paradise, on Marineford.
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Dressrosa is one of the Twenty Kingdoms that were responsible for founding the World Government after the defeat of the Great Kingdom. It is located in the New World. The country is well-known for its flower fields, its cuisine, its passionate women, and its battle colosseum. The local women are prone to violent acts of jealousy, leading to a high crime rate in the country. The residents of the country also believe that "fairies" live in the country as well, taking away people's belongings and treating them as "offerings", according to the residents themselves.
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Punk Hazard

An island located in the New World and is the first island the Straw Hat Pirates disembark on (after receiving a distress call from someone on the island) after arriving in the New World. According to Trafalgar Law, it is an island that is not possible to "log". It is where Akainu and Aokiji battled for the position of fleet admiral for ten days. The island is relatively close to Dressrosa, as travel between the two islands can be performed in a short period of time. It is the main setting of the Punk Hazard Arc. The island is surrounded by a sea of fire on one side and icebergs on the other. In the center, there is a hole where seawater flows into it, which separates both halves of the island and has sharks living within. This hole has fierce wind and currents running across it. As touched upon by Robin, the extreme temperature differences between the ice and magma lead to an equally extreme difference in air pressure, forming massive gale-force winds.
.No new posts

Whole Cake Island

The island is quite large and owes its name to its resemblance to a gathering of frosted cakes, and most buildings appear to be covered in what looks like icing. It is because of most these buildings' enormous size that visitors tend to be awed at the first sight of the island, and that the island may seem smaller when seen from afar. Because of massive poles shaped like candles (being even depicted as lit, although it is unknown if their "flames" are real) atop the largest buildings, those particularly look like birthday cakes. The interiors of buildings in general look as if they are partly made of icing. At least the island's southwestern coast is covered in a kind of hardened whipped cream, namely meringue
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An island located on the back of a massive, a millennium elephant named Zunisha that roams the New World.It is known as a "Phantom Island" due to Log Poses being unable to point to it. It is home to the Mink Tribe as well as where the Heart Pirates resided while waiting for their captain to return from Dressrosa. Zou is the third island visited by the Straw Hats in the New World, and it is the primary setting of the Zou Arc

Kirigakure: Village Hidden in the Mist

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Valhalla District

The center of Kirigakure is a veritable stronghold where myriads of shinobi meet, train, and live. The towering walls, abundant supply of water, and vast storage vaults make this one of the best places to hold out against any siege
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Valhalla District

The center of Kirigakure is a veritable stronghold where myriads of shinobi meet, train, and live. The towering walls, abundant supply of water, and vast storage vaults make this one of the best places to hold out against any siege
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The Slaughterhouse

Kirigakure is not for the weak, as the countless screams heard in the academy testify. Despite the gloomy environment, all who seek to get stronger, either in ability or rank will pass through here. Those who survive initial training form teams from those left alive
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Doors of Erebus

Kiri has several entrances, and all are deadly to their enemies. Each location is guarded by masters of stealth, assassination, and terrorization. Kirigakure’s teams will usually come here and brief themselves just before embarking on a mission.
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Blue Demon Pub

The reopened Demon Pub stands at the entrance from the road leading from the Train Station. It is a favorite spot for travelers and citizen alike; it is also rumored to be the Mizukage's favorite hangout, with a probable secret room or two. There is an adjacent dance floor for the wild younger generation of Kirigakure.

Konohagakure: Hidden Leaf Village

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Hokage Admin Building & Legendary Hokage Faces

Where the Hokage lives and does his/her work behind it is the faces of all the hokages of the leaf
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Ninja Academy

For the new ones trying to become a ninja this the best place to start
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Streets of Konoha

You shop meet people chill and maybe get some ramen here
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Konohagakure Arena

A very large expansive arena in Konoha, where many of the villages events are held. It has many different stadiums within the large main building. It is often crowded
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Memorial Park

The place of the past where the dead are this is where the heros are remember

Amegakure The Village Hidden In The Rain

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Lower Part

The lower part of Amegakure. This is where the gate is to the village are.
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Normal Level

This is the middle or normal level of Amegakure. Most of the homes and shops are on this level.
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Upper Level

Were the Kage lives and watches over. It said to be haunted.
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Rain Village Academy

Where the young began their jounrey.
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Back Ally

This spot has brought fame to Amegakure for it was here that Pain and Jiraiya fought.
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