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The world of anime has cracked and split up! Now once again all the dimensions have come together as one.
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Anime being use now Naruto,Seven Deadly Sins,My Hero Academia and One Piece. The color will be change soon I'll have someone do it. Check the news off updates.
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 Animedimensions News

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PostSubject: Re: Animedimensions News   Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:21 pm

Welcome to Animedimension that is something that probably all of you old members have heard but this isn't just for the old this is for the new. The members that have been found and our joining our family because when your with Animedimensions you are part of a family.

What is Animedimensions?
Animedimensions is a roleplaying website that brings together various animes together all in one world. There is a story behind this but we've changed it and we changed some things. Starting now Animedimensions will only hold three to four animes at a time. What does that mean? Well you will only see places and templates of a specific anime at specific times. This is to stop the confusion that once happen when Animedimensions and Worldwars were first around.
The animes we are using right now are Seven Deadly Sins, Naruto One Piece and Boku no Hero. When we are removing or adding an anime it will be posted up

The rules have always been simple rules but I have changed them up a bit
1.No racism
2.No rape unless you talk to the other person first and they allow it.
3.No hate mail or blackmail.
4.God mod in moderation. Everybody God Mods sometimes it's normal so in moderation please.

As far as Roleplaying you can roleplay anywhere!
1.We allow smut of course somebody will always smut with you.
Now this is new to everyone but try too match everyone lines, if somebody RPs in five to eights please try to match five to eight lines.
2.Auto Hit with people you know and are ok with it that send a pm if need be other then that RP normally please

Head Admin is me of course:Zero
Admins are the follow: Blaze Heart,Order,Sleeping Slave,Frozen Tail and Red Flame.
Mods:We will admins soon.

Quake in charge of One Piece

Night in charge of My Hero Academia

Blue Haze in charge of Naruto

My perv brother Moon in charge of Seven Deadly Sins

Arcs/Plot lines
Story Arcs for the whole website will be posted up at different tines

Individual arcs can be made to further storylines of character or character

Admins in charge of groups (such as Naruto) will post up story arcs for that group


Ps I suck at storu telling and explaining so please guys just try to get what this dunmy is saying

Simple the events of a hundred years have been erased from this world (the events of when animedimension started) and because of that history is missing. Our world however is made up of different world (animes) The events of other worlds and events are different here the dimensions of other worlds (animes) have merged into ours and now they see their homes different and what legacy they have left behind all while training,teching and working along side of the heroes today

There can only be two character apperances so if there someone running that looks like Goku twin there should only be the canon left make sense??? Again im bad at this

Any more questions PM me templates are in character application oh Dragonhart is Al's Manga is popular and is our base template cause you can do anything with it
Have fun

These are the animes we are using right now
Seven Deadly Sins
One Piece
My Hero Academia

Below im the next post is all the info you will need

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PostSubject: Re: Animedimensions News   Tue Sep 26, 2017 8:54 am

Ok so I am going to fill out all the information and the levels information just read you guys will without a doubt catch on

Naruto information
Admin: Blue Haze

Konoha: The Uchiha clan is alive and strong, the Senju clan is the same way.
All clans that exist in Konoha exist now
There hasn been Hokagw since Naruto died and that was around 80 years ago. No one knows who really gives the orders.
In this dimension the cast of Naruto never had children. Any meeting with non canon characters (which is most of us) meeting with Boruto cast should be treated as a shocked moment or along those lines
There will be an event to pick the next Hokage
Ninja gear will be added later

We need 5 Jounin we have one so we need 4 more
All 4 or 3 of those Jounin will be given Genin to form a team.
Again we need 4 more Leaf Jounin and the rest are Genin
Total number of missions for a Jounin is 250 in the leaf
All Jounin start off at level 20 with three elements

The Senevth Mizukage was assassinated that also was about 80 years ago nobody remembers who did it or even if why one thing that is true is that everyone who tires to Mizukage dies
There hasn't been a Seven Swordsman in years.
Swordsmanship is a big part of Kirigakure and most of their ninja have them.
Haku survived his fight with Naruto. Zabuza still died however Haku took Zabuza last name. The Momochi clan is known off its ice release
All students that graduates did so by killing more then half of their class. For every class there must be 4 students left stansing, this is how you become a Genin.

There are 4 Jounin spots open all of them will be made into three man teams
Jounin start off at level 20 with three elements
Number of missions total a Jounin can have here is 275

Kurai is different because their leader is called a Lord not a Kage.
It isn't just a ninja village, they have an army made up of demons, heroes, vilians.
Just like the rest of the world Kurai has lost its memories. Everything after its founder Shiryu Kishimoto death history is a plan for this village.
It has a leader already
Most people in Kurai carry around some type of weapon
The basic element here is darkness

There 4 Jounin spots open that will make up of 4 man teams made up of two boys and two girls
Jounin will start at level 20
Total number of missions will be 200

The village is in a civil war
It has never had a Kage
It is cut off from other villages because of its Akatsuki connections
The village main clan is the Uzumaki clan
It has the highest death and missions rate
The ninja here are strong will
Natural element to most people here is poison
There are 5 Jounin spots all will team made into 3 man teams
All Jounin start off at level 20 with three elements

Tail beast will be given out later during events. one Jounin from each of these villages will become Kage through various choices maybes tournament or just votes

One Piece

One Piece here takes place almost three hundreds after the events of One Piece, Pirates now seek the One Piece treasure that Luffy left.
That pretty much the story
One Piece has been a big part of the Anime world sites from the beginning. The Straw Hat Crew especially, being good friends with the Konomi and Salvani clan, the crew has trained countless warriors and been in countless tournaments
Zoro is the number one swordsman
Liffy is king of the pirates as it stands
Every pirate and marine starts off at level 5 at base level
Pirates will get no bounty at first
Marine will be at the lowest rank
Devil Fruits will be approved and can be made right off the bad
Haki will be learned

Canon devil fruits will be given out during events
There will be boss events to gain experience and fame

My Hero Academia
The way it works is the cast of My Hero Academia was just thrown into this world each with their powers restored and the villains were set free.
There are 10 Pro Hero spots all of them starting at level 20
Quirks will start off weak and grow over time or if strong have valid weakness

Seven Deadly Sins
Admin: Moon
Set 100 years after the series the world has seen peace no real evil has happened. Evil to be plan out over time (I have no idea what that means I’m just writing what they left me in a message)
There will be a story line about the second generation of sins
A plot to pick the current Seven Deadly Sins
All races are welcome to both kingdoms
Camelot and Britannia have mixed feelings towards the demon clan
All warriors will start off as level 10 Holy Knight rank Crystal
The king of Camelot and Britannia will start off at level 50

That everything now for the res

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Animedimensions News
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