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 Gildarts Clive

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Dark Sky Dragon


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PostSubject: Gildarts Clive   Mon Jul 04, 2011 4:44 pm

Name: Gildarts Clive

Alias: Ace of Fairy Tail,

Gender: Male

Age: 45

Birthday: Uknown


Height: Uknown

Weight: Uknown

Sexuality: Straight,

Personality: Gildarts is an easy-going and laid-back person. As a mage, he is well respected by the whole town and guild. He also appears to be a bit dense, as he apparently doesn't pay attention to what he's doing such as not recognizing the guild or Mirajane, thus causing him to use his magic by accident. However, he is respected enough that the town does everything to prepare and prevent as much accidental damage as possible, going as far to re-organizing the whole town for that mage.

When he enters a fight, he would often point out that he is bad at or can't hold back in a fight. Happy made it clear that Gildarts is well known for obliterating his opponents. So when fighting Gildarts would often use hand to hand combat while using Crash to destroy things other than humans, such as the ground or magic attacks. Should he be pushed to the limit or choose absolutely not to hold back then he gets angry and his magic power reacts similar to the Masters giant wrath, but it doesn't destroy everything around him, in terms of intensity. Also in terms of fighting, he is exactly similar to Natsu, since neither likes losing and would not except it no matter what. He also won't turn down a fight challenge offered to him, but he may ask to fight later after some business is first dealt with.

Relationships: If your character is some how connected to another character. Tell us about it.If not, leave blank. If your character has more then one relationship you should right them like this
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Info - (Tell how you met them or)


Guild: Fairy Tail

Guild Tattoo: His member stamp is situated above his abdomen



Name Magic: Crash,Disassembly Magic

Magic: A highly advanced magic that smashes everything it touches into pieces. He can also use this to crush the ground beneath him, softening the ground to cushion impacts. This ability is apparently so terrifying that the residents of Magnolia Town restructured the city to give Gildarts an unobstructed path to the guild, as he has a tendency of mindlessly walking into things and using his magic without noticing.

Disassembly Magic:Gildarts make a net-like pattern which runs straight through whatever it touches, tangible or intangible. However, instead of being destroyed, the objects that are touched split apart and form numerous, smaller versions of the original. When used on a living organism, the recipient gets reduced into small, doll-like versions of themselves, complete with deadpan expressions. According to Gildarts, Natsu was the first person to try to keep fighting after falling victim to this spell. This spell doesn't cause permanent damage since the object will return back to normal after a little while. Gildarts has also shown the ability to reconstruct the victim by motioning at the disassembled object. However, it is implied that Gildarts has trouble controlling this ability, as shown in his battle with Natsu.

Magic Seal:


History: Gildarts went out of the guild 3 years ago to carry out his job, and recently has returned to the guild. He is rumored to have taken both a 10-year-job as well as a 100-year-job, which is classified above the SS rank jobs as the difficulty is ranked on how long it would take for completion. His long-term periodic absences may be the reason for Makarov's decision for dropping Gildarts out of equation as his successor, and why no attempt of communication was made during the Phantom-Fairy Tail War since he already had his hands full.

He also seems to be an incredibly popular and important, or at least, infamous, mage throughout Magnolia Town as well. His impending arrival is subject to a large bell being rung in a "special manner" to notify people of his coming, and the town is rearranged to protect itself from Gildarts destructive magic.. Also the Fairy Tail mages seem to burst into celebration as a reaction to his arrival, indicating that unlike Mystogan who is virtually unknown and Laxus Dreyar who was generally disliked due to his attitude, he is extremely well liked by the town and everyone at Fairy Tail. He himself loves his guild according to his profile but he dislikes Makarov's son Ivan Dreyar indicating the two have some form of history


Katsuya fast hand to hand fighting theme
Katsuya sad theme
Katsuya's theme
Katsuya's fighting theme
Katsuya's serious theme
Full power Katsuya theme
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PostSubject: Re: Gildarts Clive   Wed Jul 20, 2011 6:42 am

I knew you would have him let me have him now
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PostSubject: Re: Gildarts Clive   Wed Jul 20, 2011 6:47 am

take it
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PostSubject: Re: Gildarts Clive   Wed Oct 19, 2016 4:20 pm

up for sell again
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PostSubject: Re: Gildarts Clive   

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Gildarts Clive
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