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 Master Zero

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PostSubject: Master Zero   Sat Feb 23, 2013 5:23 pm

Name: Zero

Alias: Master Zero

Gender: Male

Age: Uknown

Birthday: (When was your character born? Month, Day. Year the is X850 so if your character is 19 you know what to do)



Weight: Unknown

Sexuality: Unknown

Personality: Zero just seeks to destroy everyone and everything. Zero states that from of his perspective, if someone or something has still some kind of form, he, she, or it is worth destroying. This kind of thinking even made him kill the seventh member of Oración Seis, Klodoa, without the latter provoking him in any matter. Brain seems to be somewhat afraid of his other self, Zero, so as a consequence he used every Oración Seis member as a "key" to lock his other personality away and when he was defeated, even warned the Light Alliance about him.

Relationships: If your character is some how connected to another character. Tell us about it.If not, leave blank. If your character has more then one relationship you should right them like this
Respect- 0100
Friendship - 0/100
Attraction - 0/100
Trust - 0/100
Status - (like friend.rival,lover)
Info - (Tell how you met them or)

Strength: Enhanced Durability: Brain has proven himself to be quite durable, being sent flying several meters down when Jellal cracked the ground below him, and emerging unscathed moments after from under the rocks that had fallen over him. As Zero, he is shown to have great resistance. In his fight against Natsu, while the latter obtained Dragon Force form, Zero showed an enhanced degree of assimilating enormous amount of damage without much problems. Just the full release of Natsu´s Magical power could damage him seriously.

Enhanced Speed: Despite his large size, Brain has shown to possess remarkably great speed, having been able to cover the distance of several meters which separated him from Jura in a second, appearing behind the Wizard Saint while he was still retaining his cast position. As Zero, he was shown effortlessly evading Natsu's attacks whiteout even assuming a proper fighting stance.

Enhanced Strength: As Zero, he seems to be quite strong, because he managed to pummel Natsu, an expert in close range fighting who possesses great strength in his own right, with nothing more but his sheer fists.

Immense Magical Power: As Zero, he possesses a large amount of Magical power. He can release his Magical energy into a potent aura around him, which can even make the ground shake. The Light Team described his Magic as the most disgusting one they had ever felt.

Extra information: Tell us something extra about your character. If you don't want to leave it


Guild: us the name of your Guild. If you're not a member of any Guild please write down None on all of this.

Guild Tattoo: Where is your guild tattoo located? what is the color of it



Darkness Magic (闇の魔法 Yami no Mahō): Brain’s main source of offensive power, he has proven himself masterful in dark spells. To cast this kind of Magic, he always made use of Klodoa as a focus.

Dark Capriccio
Dark Capriccio): A beam of darkness is fired from Klodoa (or in Zero's case, his hands), meant to be used as a drilling offensive attack that can pierce through defenses. Zero, however, has far greater control and is able to manipulate its movement with one hand, cast more than one beam at a time and even use it as a whip. "Capriccio" refers to a music style which is free in form.

Scream: A stronger and faster version of the technique.

Zero Slash: Zero uses Dark Capriccio as a whip and attacks the enemy. In the manga, this attack is unnamed.

Dark Gravity: As its name implies, it amplifies the gravity in a certain area. When used against Natsu, he was sent crashing downwards through Nirvana's lower floors.

Dark Rondo: When casted, dark Magic with horror-stricken faces swirls around Klodoa (or Zero's hands), becoming more and more condensed. Brain can then fire the gathered Magic on a wide scale (as he did against the Light Alliance) or focused at an enemy (as he did against Jura). The full effects of this spell are unknown, as it was stopped by Jura Neekis both times."Rondo" is a music form derived from Italian which is based on recurring elements.

Dark Delete: Several spheres of darkness are fired continuously from Zero's hands. In the manga, this attack is unnamed.

Dark Barrier: Brain creates a transparent green barrier to protect himself from an opponent's attack.

Genesis Zero: Zero's strongest Magic attack. He first charges green darkness energy on his fingers and summons thousands of black phantoms to strike at his foes to the point of them being engulfed completely by their sheer numbers alone. This technique has been claimed to be capable of erasing a person's soul and their very existence.

Dark Wave: Zero darts towards an opponent and casts a giant wave of darkness around his clenched fist, attacking his opponent with this maneuver.

Requip: Brain has proven himself capable of using this Magic when he requipped a dagger, which he used to hurt an injured Jellal to force Wendy to heal him. As Zero, he was seen requipping a different shirt after removing his cape and jacket.

Archive: As stated and demonstrated by Zero, Brain possesses the same magic as Hibiki Lates, Archive, which allows him to store vast amounts of data away to use to his advantage. The use of such magic also allows Brain to transfer said data to allies. This could explain how he has such a vast knowledge of Magic, and how he may have known about Nirvana and Wendy. It also appears to be an extremely rare ability, as Zero thought that this Magic was unique to Brain.

Telepathy: Brain has displayed great telepathic abilities, having been capable of mass-communicating with everyone in a wide radius, despite having suffered a heavy defeat from Jura just minutes before, and even to feign Hoteye's voice to draw his enemies in a trap. As Zero, he was capable of effortlessly jacking into Hibiki's own Telepathy to communicate with the Light Team.

Strength: Nothing

Weaknesses: Nothing


History:Brain once was in charge of the Bureau of Magical Development where he created hundreds of types of Magic, one of those being self-destruction Magic that he taught to Jellal. During his time working there, he took Ultear Milkovich from Ur, in order to make her more powerful and use her as a member of the Oración Seis guild. However, Ultear's power was too big, so Brain realized that he won't be able to make a connection of Six Prayers with her. Brain then left the laboratory right before it exploded by Magical power overload.

Brain was also responsible in taking five children with the highest Magical power at the time from the Tower of Heaven and trained them to become members of the Oración Seis Guild and six keys, which sealed his other personality, Zero, who only loves destruction.

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Han Inuzuka

Han Inuzuka

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PostSubject: Re: Master Zero   Thu Sep 19, 2013 2:44 am

I'll be rping Zero
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Ruler of the sky
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PostSubject: Re: Master Zero   Sun Sep 22, 2013 8:41 pm

Ah a villain I see please take it
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PostSubject: Re: Master Zero   Mon Oct 24, 2016 5:49 pm

for sell
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PostSubject: Re: Master Zero   

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Master Zero
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