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 Magi information

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Shadow Sky Dragon


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PostSubject: Magi information    Thu May 02, 2013 2:23 am

Here is a magi information because it seems to become popular mine explanation are very simple and broken down very easy

Metal Vessels:For those who don't a metal vessel is an object it can be a weapon or an accessories which can also go with jewelry if its a weapon you can still fight with it.
Djinn equip comes with the vessel now you do not have to change your metal vessel into a big sword or spear if you don't want to when writing your app you can just say it does this power and that power if you want to change it into a new weapon in the equip that is fine.
Djinn equip powers do not have to be element base they can be other powers so go ahead and do that whatever you want with that do not go over the top.

Household Vessel:I know people have asked me there is no household Vessel well I am making that right now so give me two minutes.
What about names? Well for your household vessel take the name of the djinn and just add another name to it the name does not have to be in Arabic.
You can not have a household vessel unless a person on the site has their metal vessel and is approved I don't want people running around with household vessels.
Household Vessel hold the power of the metal vessel so it the parent vessel uses fire then you use fire but you can pick any weapon or jewelry to use the power how ever you want.

Djinn now the djinn do not have to be blue or look like djinn its fine.
Djinn are base off of Ars Goetia demons so if you want name like Sinbad and the others djinn look there but do not use any djinn that has already been use the djinn also go in order so Baal is the first demon and was the first djinn to appear everything goes in order if you pick Stiri please say Stiri is the 11 dungeon to appear.
I will make new copies of djinn like Baal and Zagan so that others can use them they will be called version 2 and I will also make other djinn for people to have
Your djinn can have any name you want so don't stress over it

Any more questions I'll post up answers

Dark Metal Vessel can be use for evil users who do not wish to have a normal djinn for your weakness you would be that after using it your body becomes weak and you can almost die from using the vessel.

For Djinn name you can make up which ever name you want

you would put a dark djinn appearance and no personality

Metal Vessel it would be a weapon and then when you get to abilities you would put the abilities of the weapon and abilities of your dark djinn because that is your equip from

Like a normal vessel you would have a full body equip it would be black and then you just fill out the rest of the information


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Magi information
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