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Anime being use now Naruto,Seven Deadly Sins,My Hero Academia and One Piece. The color will be change soon I'll have someone do it. Check the news off updates.
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Heavenly Soul

Heavenly Soul

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PostSubject: Enrico Pucci   Enrico Pucci Icon_minitimeSun Aug 11, 2013 2:47 pm

Name:Enrico Pucci
Appearance:Enrico Pucci Pucci

Personality:Pucci may be a priest but his mind is wicked. He will willingly lie and use people for his own personal gain. Underhanded tactics are not beneath him--he will do anything he can to win.

One noticeable incident occurred when he fought a wounded Jolyne, handcuffed by her Stand, and locked both of them into a solo fight. Unable to win against her Stand's attacks, he throws Jotaro's memory disk inside a slowly dying Anasui's body. As a person's stand and memory disk dies with the person they are inside if not removed, the disk begins to disintegrate while within Anasui. This instantly forces Jolyne to choose between stopping Pucci's plans or the restoration of her father.

He acts humble at times when he's a priest, but ultimately it is just to draw others under his spell. His individual session with Mirashon turns violent, for example, after he has granted her God's forgiveness, smashing her face-first into the edge of a cabinet. Only when he was in DIO's presence was he ever truly docile. His twin brother Wes told him, both in his teenage past and later when he regained his memory, that he was "the worst evil: an evil man who didn't know that he was evil".
Interestingly, his own persona seems separate from his first two stands, Whitesnake & C-Moon.

While its master is ruthlessly bent on his mission, his Stand will sometimes act indifferently and will seem to question its master (though it never vocalizes its thoughts and never disobeys his orders).

Pucci also had the tendency to count prime numbers during times in which he is frustrated or otherwise irritated, as prime numbers could only be divisible by one and itself, This fact calms him down.

History:Pucci grew up with a wealthy upbringing and was well-liked by everyone. However, his disfigurement of a foot resulted in a stumbling and near impossible limp that had followed him throughout his life. Raised as a Catholic, he found only solitude in the halls of his church already on the path of priesthood at the age of fifteen, an action allowed by his parents due to his family's religious history. One day while sweeping the floors, he stumbled upon DIO's feet underneath a table. Curious, he conversed with DIO and though alarmed when DIO grasped his twisted foot, thought nothing of it. It wasn't until Pucci removed his shoe that he notice his foot had been healed.

Around the same time, a woman, broken with tears, came to the confessional booth, pleading to be heard. Choosing to listen in the absent priest's place, he heard how this women had switched her sickly baby with another family's twin. When he asked what the family name was, he was shocked to discover it was Pucci. Not soon afterward, his sister, Pearla, fell in love with part-time worker, Wes Bluemarines; the man his sister was dating was actually his thought-to-be-dead twin brother.
Trying to protect his sister from knowing of the incest, Pucci secretly hired a P.I. group to force Wes and Pearla to break up. However, he was unaware that the P.I. group held the beliefs of the KKK, who discovered that Wes's presumed father was an African American and proceeded to lynch Wes. Wes was shot and hung from a noose over a cliff while Pearla was beaten and raped. The morning afterward, Pucci discovered Pearla's corpse from her suicide and cradled her body in sadness. He noticed a disk emerging from her head due to Dio's influence with the Stand Arrow. Pucci wanted to follow DIO, enticed by his words, but not before tying up all the loose ends to his past. He approaches the post-traumatic Wes, who was furious at Pucci's interference in his relationship with Pearla, and quickly told him they were brothers before removing Wes's memory disk from him. Wes then adopted the name Weather Report to compensate for not having a name.

He spent the remainder of that year with DIO. From him he learned the "ingredients" needed to formulate the "perfect world" (one of which bizarrely included a danish). DIO grew to trust Pucci entirely, and gave him one of his finger bones as a remaining fragment should he die. The remaining years of Pucci's life was driven by his obsession of this promised land and waited for the preparation of the said day. To increase his mobility, he finished his priesthood and became a Father to those in need.

Weapon Appearance:None
Weapon Abilities:

List of techniques:None

Stand Information

Stand Name:
3:Made in Heaven

Stand Appearance:

Whitesnake:Enrico Pucci Whitesnake_ASB

C-Moon:Enrico Pucci C-Moon_ASB

Stairway to Heaven/Made in Heaven:Enrico Pucci MadeInHeaven_ASB

Stand Abilities:

Whitesnake:Stand Disc Materialization: Whitesnake's primary ability is to transform aspects of a person, such as their memories or stand (spirit), into the tangible form of stand discs. The discs can continue to exist despite Whitesnake's later upgraded forms.

Digestive Mist: Whitesnake can also produce an illusory mist that slowly digests objects like stomach acid. The mist can also enable it to impersonate other people for a limited amount of time with illusions. Its victims, while dissolved, are kept distracted in a delusional dream-state.

Immense Strength: Despite its relatively long range (about 20 meters[1]), Whitesnake has displayed great strength, capable of stabbing Diver Down and Foo Fighters with its bare hands.

Destructive Power:A
Developmental Potential :?

C-Moon Abilities
Inverse Gravity: C-Moon's influence ascribes to Enrico Pucci an inverse or negative mass equivalent to that of the Earth, with an effective range of 3 kilometers. Thus, any unfixed object within a 3 kilometer radius of Pucci falls away from him.

Surface Inversion: C-Moon will also dramatically increase the gravitational force acting upon an object by touch, which is expressed by that object turning inside-out. Touching (striking) the same object twice will revert the adjustment.

Gravity Defiance: By C-Moon's partnership, Pucci consistently seems to defy gravity and orbit any enemy or threat.

Destructive Power:None
Range:A radius of approximately 3km
Developmental Potential ?

Stairway To Heaven Abilities

Time Acceleration: Claimed by Dio Brando to be the ultimate stand, Stairway to Heaven has the ability to control the gravitational forces of the earth, moon and possibly the entire universe. As gravity changes, Stairway to Heaven is able to speed up the flow of time while preventing any living being from catching up, with the exception of its user, Enrico Pucci, and essentially God. It should be noted that while time speeds up for all nonliving processes, the biological clocks of the people themselves do not and still remain the same as if time has not accelerated. To those fighting it's user, He would appear like he is constantly moving even as he is standing still.

Universal Reset: As time continues to travel, the universe will hit the vanishing point, and a new universe will be created where everything repeats itself accordingly to "fate". The stand's user may then alter the characteristics of the universe and the fates of the people in the recreated universe and create the perfect world they desire. Anyone that is killed by this stand in the previous universe will not cease to exist, but simply replaced by a similar substitute, though Pucci states that their souls and personalities will have been erased and that they will appear as completely different people. The fates of the people cannot change unless Pucci himself performs some action that changes them, though Pucci cannot control how his actions change the fates of others.
Also, despite being able to speed up time and move at incredible speeds, the user of the stand is not invincible while doing so. Accelerated time will not enable the user of the stand to regenerate from his injuries, though it will enable blood to clot faster. Moreover, Pucci was injured by breathing in too high a concentration of oxygen when Weather Report increased the oxygen concentration in Emporio Alnino's ghost room, perhaps due to his rate of breathing increasing as a side effect of his ability to keep up with the accelerated time. When the user of the stand is killed, the universe resets again into an alternate timeline. Finally, the stand has retained some of Dio's ability to see into stopped time, as Pucci seemed to be aware of when Jotaro Kujo had stopped time to try and catch him.

Destructive Power:B
Developmental Potentia:A

Stand History:Doesn't matter
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Enrico Pucci

Enrico Pucci

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PostSubject: Re: Enrico Pucci   Enrico Pucci Icon_minitimeSat Oct 05, 2013 4:19 am

i would be more than happy to take this account
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PostSubject: Re: Enrico Pucci   Enrico Pucci Icon_minitimeMon Oct 24, 2016 5:49 pm

for sell again
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Enrico Pucci
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