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 Chita Chita no Mi/ Titanium Titanium fruit

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PostSubject: Chita Chita no Mi/ Titanium Titanium fruit   Tue Oct 22, 2013 3:23 am

Name of Devil Fruit:Chita Chita no Mi/ Titanium Titanium fruit
Is the Devil Fruit Adopted?No
If Adopted, who last owned the fruit?
If Adopted, when was the last activity of the previous owner?
Type of Devil Fruit:Paramecia
Devil Fruit Appearance: A sliver pear like fruit with six spikes on each side

What character is this fruit for?Destiny V.Mcbungha
Has your character already been created and accepted?Yes
How your character came to possess the fruit:The fruit was a gift given to her by her older brother once she had became a Vice Admiral

Ability Description:The most important thing is that this metal is really hard, but it is also really lightly. When the user is attacked they can transform this part of the body into the hard titanium. Thanks to the lightly of titanium they can make wings on their back with which they can fly but not a big distance because it takes much energy to swing with such massive wings but they can use it to become faster and so with a little flying come quicker to their target.

Abilities given by the fruit:
Chita Chita no Spiked Bomb- Destiny morphs her hand into a spiked titanium ball on a chain

Chita Chita no Wall- the user creates a wall of titanium that defends her

Chita Chita no Punch- the user overlayes her hand with hard titanium and then hits an enemy

Chita Chita no Earthquake- the user hits with her hands the ground and makes an earthquake with titanium sinters going out of the ground

Chita Chita no Wings- the user makes herself a pair of wings

Chita Chita no Knight- Destiny makes herself an titanium armor, a shield and a lance. Thanks to this armor she is protected from almost anything, like poison or ice.
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Blaze Heart

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PostSubject: Re: Chita Chita no Mi/ Titanium Titanium fruit   Tue Oct 22, 2013 4:23 am

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Chita Chita no Mi/ Titanium Titanium fruit
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