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 Daemon Rokudo

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Spade Mist

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PostSubject: Daemon Rokudo   Fri May 27, 2011 12:51 am

Name :Daemon Rokudo
Nickname:Demon Daemon,Devil of illusions,Dead Spade,Curse Daemon
Gender :Male
Age :22
Appearance :
Personality :He is shown to be arrogant, ruthless, cruel, inconsiderate, and shows no mercy to enemies like Mukuro does.He seems to be very obsessive with strength and power due to his strong devotion to the Vongola Family, which he wants to make the strongest organization that can protect the Szabo and crush anything in their way. Daemon is responsible and thinks before he acts making him a perfect right he man he is very reliable
History :Daemon is the son of Mukuro from a young age he was shown to have great illusion power when Daemon started going to school he met Giotto there at first he didn't like the blond hair vongola it wasn't till Daemon was to be attacked because of him being smart and his hair color did he first start taking a liking to Giotto as he stood up for him this form their friendship Daemon went to his father for training as he remember his father was part of the vongola when he said that he went to the vongola hq for the first time in his life meeting all of the guardian's and Giotto father Tsuna the two started to train with their dads to become the next level of warriors while Giotto finish before Daemon it wasn't long till Daemon learn he had a secret power like Giotto and a number of flames that he could use when Daemon finally beat his father he join the Vongola as the mist guardian and as the right hand man


Weapon Name:Scythe
Weapon Looks:
Weapon Command :N/a

Strengths:Daemon is an extremely powerful illusionist, so much that they are powerful enough to deceive many of the masters his father once trained with and even his father and create or copy as many weapons he wants or needs which brings him to say that Daemon is a master weapon user while his main weapon is a spar or a scythe he is very deadly, he is a much more skilled fighter then his father as Daemon can block with only his finger and fight with that same finger to cause damage he is extremely fast mostly the speed makes him seems like Daemon doesn't have a piece of weight in his whole body, Daemon can use his flame and his element to a great power making attacks and skills and is the only known human to be able to use kido
weakness:Over using his eyes,Getting things wrong gets him mad and pisses him,Anybody talking bad about his rivals and the Vongola family

Element:Mist Flame.Storm Flame,Sun Flame,Lightning Flame,Cloud Flame,Desert Flame,Suiton
Fighting style:Daemon knows many types of marital arts from learning with father he taught him Luise Meyrink. Krizalid and Alba Meira fighting style along with Pain taijutsu Daemon is a mix master of marital arts and a master of weapons from his own training
Other Things:Daemon only has a deck of cards as his weapons right now

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PostSubject: Re: Daemon Rokudo   Fri May 27, 2011 12:59 am

O.o damn so sexy approved
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Daemon Rokudo

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