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 Your In The Way...

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Darkness Dragon


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PostSubject: Your In The Way...   Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:58 pm

First topic message reminder :

Daisuke pushed off the wall thrusting back at his opponent, a giant man who stood about 12 feet tall. Daisuke wondered what he might have gotten himself into. Every slash punch kick and stab just bounced off his rock hard skin and the second assassin who was supposed to help him was doing in less, with his constant strikes with lightning magic. Daisuke was getting fed up with the both of them now.

Seconds before inpact with the giant who was now bringing his fist forward to strike Daisuke, Daisuke Teleport now flying in from behind The giant. he tackled him with great force to barely even knock him off balance. He phased quickly barely instime to phase through the giants massive arm which had come around to hit him. he unphased the second the arm had passed through he flew up and began punching the giant again and again once he was sure to anger the giant he flew backwards dodging to the left as his idiot of a partner fired off another round of lightning bolts.

Daisuke turned whipping out his chain he managed to get it around the giants ankle tying the other end around a massive boulder. then stood infront of it. phasing himself and the boulder which in turn phased the chain and the giant since his partner fired off more lightning. he just wanted to yell at him but words were not allowed to be used against this giant. if you spoke the same word twice your life force would be added to the giants energy and you would die. so Daisuke didn't want to take a chance especially with this idiot.

Once the lightning passed through and the giant was close enough Daisuke teleport himself and giant and the boulder/chain up into the air. everything but Daisuke fell. He lowered himself safely where the giant laid flattened by the boulder. and the idiot, he was flattened by the Giant. "Sorry....But You were in the way" He spoke softly as he turned to head back to the partly destroyed village to get his pay.
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PostSubject: Re: Your In The Way...   Thu Nov 17, 2011 1:35 am

::Raiden had smiled, never have he met someone like Daisuke. As the chains were coming Raiden did his famous Iai strike. With one quick movement the chain was cut and broken in several pieces. Raiden using his power and his sword had also aimed his slashes at Daisuke. His slashes this time would hit Daisuke as he used his powers to have the slashes attack Daisuke by altering them to strike him in a intangible fashion, like a pocket dimension. Raiden had then moved back avoiding Daisuke path. "I never intended to held back."

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Darkness Dragon


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PostSubject: Re: Your In The Way...   Thu Nov 17, 2011 8:48 am

Daisuke had vanished, one of his chains broken. the chain he had thrown in the ground still intact. the slashes made Daisuke change his course, lucky Raiden, the chain was now beside him as Daisuke stood behind Raiden holding the other end.

If it weren't for the slashes Daisuke would have teleported the chain right through his body making for a very pain way to anchor him to the ground. Saisuke needed to fake him out somehow. He ran at Raiden as if to punch him, when he swung to hit him he phased to pass right through Raiden this was the fake out part, he wanted to make him guard at the front to block a punch that wasn't coming, the second he had passed through Raiden he would spin into a kick abd see if he could hit him.
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PostSubject: Re: Your In The Way...   Sat Nov 19, 2011 4:25 pm

::Raiden didn't move to react to the punch figuring it was a trick or punt. Raiden noticed something with Daisuke as he passed through his body. Raiden quickly did a spin as he took his sword out to cut at Daisuke foot. Releasing a wave of quick slashes. Since Daisuke came to attack Raiden he would of had to turn to his solid state. "I noticed something, You strike fast and precise. But I also noticed one thing more you need to be physical when attacking me." Raiden said as he lanched at blast at the man, who would be taking the muti-strikes.::

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Darkness Dragon


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PostSubject: Re: Your In The Way...   Sun Nov 20, 2011 10:43 am

Daisuke grinned he wanted to laugh because obviously he had to be solid to strike. He dissappeared altogether, he had planned everything to the tiniest detail. If Raiden somehow saw him coming then he would just teleport, but not to safety.

Daisuke using his flight magic to make his attack come down faster and harder he came down over top of Raiden with a massive heel drop. Where almost second's after he would hit either Raiden or the ground he would then phase through into the earth coming up by a tree 20 feet back. The kick would be enough to knock him down without seriously hurting someone.

Daisuke had blood dripping down his arm one of the slashes had nicked his arm before he managed to teleport.
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PostSubject: Re: Your In The Way...   Sun Nov 20, 2011 5:12 pm

::Raiden saw the attack and he quickly shot a blast at Daisuke to burn against his other leg. Raiden however didn't move and was struck on the head. His head lowered a bit making him bend down a bit. Raiden smiled as he used this time to charge up two powerful blast in his hand. Raiden quickly pulled his head up as a little bit of blood leaked down his forehead. He launched the two blast in separate directions the blasts had hit the trees and expanded out destroying all the trees around them in a huge blaze. Raiden was simply covering Daisuke tracks and exposing him.::

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PostSubject: Re: Your In The Way...   

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Your In The Way...
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