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The world of anime has cracked and split up! Now once again all the dimensions have come together as one.
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Anime being use now Naruto,Seven Deadly Sins,My Hero Academia and One Piece. The color will be change soon I'll have someone do it. Check the news off updates.
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PostSubject: Kazuo Lamont   Kazuo Lamont Icon_minitimeThu May 17, 2012 1:38 am

Kazuo Lamont
Kazuo Lamont One_piece_659__shichibukai_trafalgar_law_by_lthrl-d4s7pmd

Name : Kazuo Lamont

Alias: The Death Sentence

Nicknames: People call him Law, when in the Dojo his is Young Master Lamont.

Gender : Male

Age : 28

Clan: Mamori

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 175

History : As a young man Kazuo was born in secrecy. He remembers spending the majority of his single digit years, hidden from the outside world, shuffling from family member to family member as his parents did their jobs. At age 10, his parents passed away on the job and custody of him was given to a man hidden away in a mountain dojo. Upon his arrival Kazuo remembers seing a portal like essence behind a door, that was immediately closed after he spotted it. Brought before his adoptive father he was informed of his lineage. His middle name, Mamori used to be the name of a clan who was meant to defend and police the endless dimensions. Doing this job is how his parents died, and with their deaths the responsibility of Law man fell to him. However since, this clan was sought out by criminals and people who wished to rule the dimensions, their lives were always in danger as long as the Mamori moniker was tagged to them. Thus, he ended up in the care of Lex Lamont, a descendant of a ally clan, and one of the premiere swordsman of all the anime dimensions, having met Vergil Szabo in combat and survived. For the next 15 years Kazuo trained in the sword arts under Lex, and perfected the powers of the Mamori from scrolls within the Dojo. He studied other great families that made names for themselves in the dimensions like Szabo and Takayanagi, and other strong individuals like Shingeya. Recently the dimensions began to crack and strong individuals and even stronger villains began to mingle. Kazuo took this as a sign that he was to begin his job as a peacekeeper, and left through the portal he had seen previously 15 years ago. Fast forward 3 years, he is a feared Law man, ever vegilant in his hunt of ANYONE good or bad who has broken the rules.

Personality : Kazuo is calm and analytical. He has been trained to take in his surroudings and information being shared and turning it into results. As such he is very attentive. He doesn't hate nor enjoy battle, just is content with the fact that it needs to happen and always will. His intelligence, and endless kindness towards good people betrays his outward apperance which is meant to intimidate those he hunts. When confronted with a target, he adopts a no non-sense, all business type of attitude. If he is dealing with a murder or strong opponent he shows no mercy, but will show it to those who are repentive or did not committ haenous crimes.

Strengths: Super Speed, Super Strength, Extreme Reflexes, Master Swordsman, Slight Defiance of the normal Laws of Physics, Well Read and Researched.

weakness: Leaving his signature abilities range, renders him more or less just a fantastic swordsman. Lactose intolerant.

Swordsmanship- Having lived and trained under a Master level swordsman, Kazuo naturally became one himself. He is capable of crossing swords and giving a fight to any weapon wielding opponent. He can easily create sharp shockwaves increasing his deadly range, he can cut through things like building, mountains, and the like. He also never stops training, wishing to spar with any Swordsman who has made a name for himself that he is not hunting.

Seal Runes- Having studied ancient scrolls, seized by the Law enforcing clans across the dimensions, Kazuo has developed counters and seals for magical attacks and beings. Being that they were made when attacks were weaker they are usually breakable, and are now meant more for the ability to dodge.

Houritsu Eye- when a member of the Mamori clan activates this technique, a etheral or spiritual sphere resemelbing the eye of the activated member. Inside this sphere (Size vaires among users mastery) the user has complete control over the placement and orientation of the objects inside. He creates the "Laws" others abide by in the sphere. (Essentially Trafalgar Law's DF, but made into a kekkai genkai). The weakness of this technique is that each law or action has to be completely stated at lower levels, and even a word is required when you have reach true mastery of the eye. It is also hard to maintain the technique under extreme conditions like severe blood loss or unconciousnous. Kazuo is essentially the greatest practioner of all time in the use of Hourisu Eye, capable of expanding it as an opponent tries to run away to a size of 500meters.

Fighting style: Think Trafalgar Law, but as a far better swordsman.
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Kazuo Lamont
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