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The world of anime has cracked and split up! Now once again all the dimensions have come together as one.
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 Mephisto Pheles

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PostSubject: Mephisto Pheles   Thu May 17, 2012 1:57 am


Name: Mephisto Pheles

Gender: Male

Surface Age: 2000 years

Visual Age: 28


Type/Race: Demon King

Personality: Shrouded in mystery, one quickly learns of Mephisto's inate ability to act as if he knows more than what he is letting on. Careful and meticulous, he is like a chess player, always ahead of the game. Because of this it is still unsure as to what side he is on or whether he is on any side at all. He also enjoys chaos, as he stated to himself that he was a hellraiser. He is prone to eccentric moments nestled inbetween serious moments, making light of a heavy mood and is portrayed as a man with more money than sense but is very cheap when it comes to spending on others. Like his brother he love to eat sweets and he is deeply interested in the japanese popculture, implying that he is an Otaku.

History: Nothing much is known about Mephisto's history, other than the fact that he was close friends with Shiro, and that he had ties with the Vatican for around 200 years.

In the anime filler, Mephisto claims that he had connections with an artificial life laboratory over 500 years ago, but stopped when the vatical declared it illegal. He left it to his students, but there is a large gap between then and now.
A more recent development shows that he has been around as early as the Renaissance era. He is shown talking with Faust himself about a gamble. Mephisto says that he will grant Faust eternal life, but, the moment the man wishes to die, his soul belongs to Mephisto. Mephisto later said that he eventually won the bet.

Since the dimensions fell apart Mephisto returned to reside in hell, having fun with the newcomers to his domain.
Apparently sometime in the past he met Loki, and the two became rival magicians, he basically the destroyers equivalent to the creators well....Loki.

After Loki's imprisonment however and Mephisto's love of pissing off authority he and Loki became friends, since he was the only one able to hear Loki's thoughts while he was in the prison. Now Loki has come to him with a proposition.....

Clan: Pheles

Strenghts: Magic, Demon Body, Intelligence, Money

weakness: Excorcist, Holy Artifacts

Enegry Color: Blue

Powers: He is powerful enough to block any higher ranking demon,including the destroyer and king of hell from entering into his hell domain.

Abilitys: He has a miriad of Abilities, he has mastered all forms of demon magic like hellfire. He can summon familiars to help with his lesser enemies or to mess with his hell hosts. But his most amazing ability by far is his unique magic, his powers aren't triggered by words or specific phrases, but just his own preference. Taking the form of whatever spell, summon, or phsyic bending he deems fit for his current predicament. All he needs is the time to countdown from 3 in german.

Fighting stlye: He is a long range fighter, who is adept at fighting with his umbrella, which is used somewhat like a wand. He uses his unique magic in various ways to confuse and dismantle his opponents.

Demon Items: Grimoire- He has his own black grimoire which aids in his spell casting

Weapons or weapon: Umbrella- his mysterious umbrella is what he uses in close combat situations, it helps amplify the powers of his spells when he is fighting stronger opponents. Some speculate that the shape of an umbrella is just hiding a demon artifact he is using.

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Mephisto Pheles
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